Why are there holdbacks on my payment?

Modified on 22 January

Holdbacks - Captured transactions that are held in the Refund Reserve for customer refunds. A positive holdback indicates that additional money is being withheld. A negative holdback indicates that money is no longer being withheld. 

This could mean the one or more of the following:

1)  A refund was made using the money in the Refund Reserve.

2)  The money no longer needs to be withheld since refunds are no longer allowed.

3) Chargeback - Customer filed an unauthorized/fraudulent dispute with their Bank. Our Risk team will fight this case on your behalf.

4) RaceJoy Invoice Me payment

You can view the details of the Holdback by clicking on the Payment link included on your Payment email -> Holdbacks linkAlternatively, you can view the Holdback detail by navigating to Race Dashboard -> Financial -> Summary -> Holdbacks link.

Generally, the Refund Reserve is 5x the highest registration fee unless an additional amount is set in the race. These funds are held until they are used or until the race ends. Any funds remaining when the race completes are included in the final payment.

For more answers on why this is necessary, please refer to the answers to the question "Why do I have to put money to a refund reserve to issue a refund?".