View Financial Summary

Modified on 08 May

RunSignup provides detailed reports showing registration fees, donations, store purchases, etc. You can drill down into these reports to see exactly what each payment is for.

The Financial Summary menu allows you to view the all financial related details as well as download a variety of financial reports.

These settings can be found on your Race Dashboard by going to Financial > Summary.

Event Date Search/Advanced Search

To navigate the Financial Summary, first, select your Events by using either the Event Date Search option OR, under the Advanced Search option, you can set the specific time period you want to view.  

By default, the current events for your Race will be selected as your Event Date Search.

The Financial Summary

The Financial Summary consists of the Totals table, the Detailed Summary, the Summary By Race Dates, and the Transaction Breakdown.


This shows the different type of totals, the explanation and the total amount for each type of totals

The following is the list of the different types of totals:

  • Transactions - Link to view the specific credit card payments to your Race.
  • Refunds - Link to view the specific refunds made for your Race.
  • Holdbacks - Link to view the specific funds being withheld from your Race. (Primarily for refunds and chargebacks.)
  • Owed to Race - The total amount after all the fees are applied.
  • Payments - The total amount already paid to the Race.
  • Balance Owed - The total amount currently owed to the Race.

Show Summary By Race Dates

This options shows the multiple total charts for all of the Events on one page. These events are pulled from your Event Date Search. You can use this feature to compare your different events.

Detailed Summary

This lists all the components that makes up the funds collected online, paid to race, owed to race for the events you have chosen under the Event Date Search.

The following is a list of common components that show the amount collected online, amount paid, and amount owed to Race. You are able to click on the individual component to view specific transactions:

  • Race Fees
  • Processing Fees
  • Registration with Coupons
  • Holdbacks/Refund Reserve
  • Donations
  • Donation Processing Fees

Show/Hide Quantities

This menu displays the quantities for each component within the Detailed Summary Chart.

Download In Excel

You can download the spreadsheet for the Detailed Summary with this option.

Transaction Breakdown

Pie Chart

This shows the source for the events you have chosen under the Event Date Search.

The following is a list of common categories that makes up the total profits:

  • Registrations
  • Donations
  • Store Purchases
  • Other