What is the status of my deposit or check?

Modified on 21 February

As an Advanced Payment Account owner, you can view the status of your payment by navigating to Profile -> Payment Accounts -> Manage -> View Payments.

Please be advised that only Payment Accounts processing under the Advanced Payment account can view the status of the Check and/or Direct Deposit.

On this page, you can view the list of payments collected by your Payment Account. Click on the specific Transfer ID for more details on that payment.

1)  Direct Deposit - Status of your ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments can be found below:

a.  Completed: The ACH payment has been successfully sent to the Bank account on file. The payment should reflect on your Bank Statement in 1-3 banking days after the Initiation Day.
b.  Failed: The payment failed to send to the Bank account on file. Please review the Notes to resolve the issue. For assistance, contact finance@runsignup.com.
c.  Pending Bank Transfer - The funds were released by the processor but we have not yet received verification that the transfer is complete.
d.  Not Sent for Processing Yet - We initiated a payment but it has not yet been sent to the processor.

2)  Check - The status will NOT show whether the check is cleared or not. Completed Status means that the check has been successfully sent out to you. If you need information regarding your check, please contact finance@runsignup.com with the 5-digit Invoice # located on the front of the check.

If you would like to know what the deposit and/or check is for, see the answer to the question "What is this bank deposit or check for?".