Reactivate a Registrant

Modified on 30 October

Reactivate a Registrant

Participants may be removed from your race during the refund process, as is explained in how to issue a refund, or they may be removed without receiving a refund, as is explained in how to remove a registrant.

No matter how a registrant ends up being removed from your race, if you need to re-activate a removed registration, then you are able to place them back into your race from the race dashboard.

**Please note that reactivating a registration will not reverse a refund. 

If you need a registrant to rejoin your race as a paid member, then you will need to either reactivate the registration and collect payment offline or have them register and pay again.  If you go with the second option option, then you would not follow the steps in this tutorial.

Reactivating a Registration

To reactivate a removed/refunded registrant, find the participant that you removed from the race first. 

You can do this under the Participants tab, in the view participant section by clicking search/change event, then search all fields, and changing the registration status to (Any), Deleted, or Deferred.

You can set any of the other search fields to locate a specific registrant more easily. 

When you have the fields filled out, click "update report," find the deleted registrant that you need to reactivate, and then click "manage."

On the manage page, click the button for "reactivate registration". You will be asked to confirm reactivating the registration and see the registration information.

If you are sure that this is the registration that you want to reactivate, then click the button. Once it is reactivated, you will receive confirmation that the registrant is back in your race.

Troubleshooting Reactivating a Registration

If you click on "reactivate registration" and receive an error message that the participant already has an active registration in the race, then the participant either already signed up for the event again or they were already placed back into the event by a member of your race's staff. 

You won't be able to reactivate the removed registration at this time because the participant has already rejoined the event through another avenue.