Register For a Race

Modified on 06 December

How to Register for a Race

If you are having issues registering for a Race, you are viewing the right article! 

It is recommended that you use an up to date browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

How To Sign Up for Race

If you already have an account with RunSignUp, then click Sign In and log into your account.

Next, go to the race page of the race that you would like to sign up for. You may arrive at this page from an outside link, such as a post on Facebook or a link in an email, or you can find races using our Find a Race search.

On the Race page, you will see a button “Sign Up” at the top of this page... click on this button to begin the registration process.

When Signing Up for a Race while logged on to RunSignUp, you will be prompt the Select Registrant menu where you can quick fill registration for accounts already linked on your RunSignUp account.


This will allow registration to go faster, because you will be able to select registrants who are already on your account, their information will automatically be filled out.

If the registrant is not available on the Select Registrant menu, then click on "New Registrant" as shown below. This allows you to fill out the Registrant information.

If you do not have an account on RunSignUp, then simply fill out the required fields, and an account will be created when you register. For issues when selecting "Me", "Other Adult", or "Minor", please see our FAQs at the very end of this article.

Next you can select the event(s) that the registrant will be signing up for. 

Add/Delete Additional Registrants

You can click “Add Another Registrant” if you are registering multiple people on a single transaction, and you can repeat the process for each new registrant.

IMPORTANT: By logging into an existing account during the registration process, all other users registering at that time will be made “Secondary Users” of this account. Even the user who created a password will be made a “Secondary User”, and no account will be created for them at this time. Once the registration process is complete, you will be able to create individual accounts from the “Secondary Users” information if necessary. For more information on this topic, please refer to the section “How to Create an Account from a Secondary User”.

You can also Delete Registrant by clicking on the trash can icon located at the top right corner of each registrant box.

Wavier and Additional Questions

Once you have finished filling out all of the registrant information, scroll through, read the race waiver, and agree to the race waiver.

After clicking “Continue”, the next few steps may vary depending on whether the race is set up for t-shirt giveaways, donations, teams, or other options. In all cases however, you will eventually arrive at the final step in the registration process, the checkout.

Final Checkout Page

After filling out the additional questions, you will be presented the final checkout page for review. Please review over the Race Information, Registration Information, Additional Questions, and the Registration Cart ensuring all are correct and accurate.

After confirming registration information is correct, please enter your Credit Card Information. Complete the registration by clicking "Confirm Payment" button as shown below.

Important: After confirming payment, you will be prompt a 15-minute time sensitive window where you can cancel the transaction without additional fees. If this specific window is closed, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

Congratulations! You are registered for the Race!

You will receive a confirmation email showing details of Registration and Race information. If you have any specific Race questions, please contact the Race directly. Their contact info can be found on your confirmation email or by filling out the Questions form located on their Race page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I chose "Me" to register but received an error showing that I've indicated myself but chose a different account. What's happening?

A: In most cases, this issue occurs when the Profile for your primary account is under a different name. For example, a registrant's RunSignUp account may have one of their children as their Primary account profile whereas the parent is a sub-account. Here are some tips to fix this?

  1. My Profile is showing my son/daughter/friend's name.
    1. Navigate to your Profile settings to update your primary account's Profile to the correct information.
  2. I tried changing my Profile but received an error showing the Profile already exists.
    1. Claim your Profile by using the claim tool. This will send you an email with a list of Profiles that is associated with your account.
    2. Once Profiles are claimed, you can use the Consolidate tool to change Sub-Accounts as your Primary Account. Consolidate can be found via Profile > Consolidate Accounts.

Q: I lost my confirmation email. Can you resend this to me?

A: You can resend your confirmation at any time by logging on to RunSignUp > Profile > Upcoming Events > Resend Confirmation link. For more information, see our Resend confirmation tutorial.

Q: I received an error "There is already an account for this email address.".

A: This means you've previously registered for a Race on RunSignup and must log on to your account before signing up for the Race. If you do not remember your password, click on the provided link and the reset password email will be sent to you.

Q: I received an error "Missing information for registrants. Click the edit icon below to fix the errors."

A: This means that the information you've entered is either missing or incorrect. Please click the icon shown below and fill out the required fields. If you are registering for multiple people, then you will need to click the edit icon for each registrant and fill out the missing/incorrect information.

Q: Can you confirm that I am registered?

A: You are able to search active registrants for a Race by using the "Find a Participant" menu located on the Race Page.You can use the Find a Race tool to search for the Race page.

Q: Where can I mail in a paper entry form?

A: You will need to contact the Race organizers directly to see if they accept mail in entries. You can do so using the "Race Contact Info" section of their Race Website by filling out the "Questions?" form.