Loyalty Program/Priority Registrations

Modified on 03 November


RunSignup’s Loyalty Program allows a race to open up registration to a special list of participants before it opens the general public. This tutorial will teach you how to enable and edit the settings of the Loyalty Program. 

This allows races to open registration to certain participants in various ways. For example, a race may want to allow last year’s participants the opportunity to register before the general public for the first week.  


In order to set up a loyalty program/priority registration for your race, you can go the Race tab of your dashboard, open up the Registration section, and then select Loyalty Program.

Priority Registrant Lists

To get started, you need to create a Priority Registrant List.  There are often several lists of people that you may open registration to in different waves.  For example deferred registrations, VIP registrations, 10 time participants, etc.  And there may be different dates for each.

Note: In order for the Priority Lists to be used, you must have open registration periods for the Events that you are setting up Priority registration for. Only those who are on the Priority List will be able to access registration.

When registering, we will match participants on either:

  1. First name and E-mail address match — This reduces issues with maiden names.
  2. First name, last name, and date of birth match

Creating Lists

Enter a name for the Priority Registrant List and click Add New List.

In the example above, it will create a new list called “Past Winners” to use as the loyalty list. Once created, a green confirmation message will appear and info for the priority registrants are ready to be added.

Managing Lists

To add, edit, or delete registrants on a Priority Registrant List, navigate to Race >> Registration >> Loyalty Program.

Click the Manage List link of the Priority Registrant List that needs to be updated.

Add Priority Registrants

Click the Add Priority Registrants button to enter in some information about the registrant.

On the Add Members screen, Priority Registrants can be added manually one-by-one or imported from a CSV file. 

Type in the information directly into this form to add Priority Registrants one-by-one:

Or click Choose File to import info from a CSV file:

For CSV imports, a CSV Import Mapping pop-up will help to match the columns of the file to the import fields. Click Import Priority Registrants to confirm the field mapping.


Then, once manually entered or imported as a CSV, click Add Priority Registrants to save the changes. A pop-up will confirm the changes to the list.

Here is an example CSV template with header columns and data:

Note: First name and Last Name are required in addition to either an E-mail address or Date of Birth. It is not required to have both E-mail and Date of Birth.

Setting Priority Event Registration


Click the link to Add Another Setting: 

Then a date and times can be set when priority registration closes to then allow the public to register 

(Registration Periods must be set. They can be set in Race > Registration > Dates, Pricing, & Options). 

Then the Priority Registrant List can be selected and named. The name can be anything so the runners see a message that means something for the race.

Once everything is set the display the participant will see looks like this:


Why is priority registration not working?

  1. Check to make sure that you have an open registration period - Priority Registration will not allow participants to register before you have an open registration period.
  2. Check to make sure that the person registering is using an account that matches the first name and email, or first name, last name, and date of birth of an entry in your Priority Registration List.
  3. Check to make sure that you have your Priority Registration start and end dates set correctly.
  4. Check to make sure that you have the correct lists selected in your Priority Registration Periods.