Resend a Participant's Confirmation Email

Modified on 08 May

Resend a Participant's Confirmation Email

In some cases, a registrant of your race may ask you to resend their confirmation email. While all users have the option to resend their confirmation email on their own, this tutorial will teach you, the race director, how to have the confirmation email resent to them.

As a Race Director

When managing a participant, race directors have the option to manually resend a participant’s registration confirmation email. You can do this by following these steps.

You will additionally have the option to send a participant's registration confirmation to another email address in this process if you need to.

  1. Sign In to RunSignUp
  2. Go to your Race Dashboard
  3. Use the "Search by Name, Bib, E-mail, etc." box at the top right to find the registration
  4. Click Manage (making sure that it is the correct Event Date)
  5. (Optional) Enter a different email address in the Email Address Field
  6. Click Resend Confirmation Email at the bottom of the table

If you are a current participant looking to learn how to resend one of your own registration confirmation emails, please see our guide on how to do so here.