Access and Customize Your Race Dashboard

Modified on 30 September


If you are a race director, or if you have limited dashboard access to a race, then you can access the race dashboard in order to make any necessary customizations for your race.

If you need to be added as a race director, or be given limited dashboard access, then you can learn more about these options here:

Manage Race Director Access

Set Up Limited Dashboard Access

Accessing Your Race Dashboard

To access your race dashboard, first log into your RunSignUp account that has access to the race, which can be done here:

Once you are logged into your account, there are a few ways to arrive at your race dashboard.

My Races to Dashboard

One way to get to your race dashboard is by clicking on the My Races link.  This may be found in different locations depending on what page and device you are on.

New FormatVertical Template
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Once here, you can either click on the Race Name or open up the menu on the left and select Go to Dashboard.

This will bring you to your race dashboard.

Race Page to Dashboard

Another way to arrive at your race dashboard is by clicking the direct link to your race dashboard on your race page.

With the Horizontal Template, you can find this link by clicking on your Profile Icon and selecting Race Dashboard.

With the Vertical Template, you can find this link to the right of your race information.

NOTE: This link is only visible to people who are logged into RunSignUp AND have access to the race dashboard.  This link will not be visible to the public on your race page.

Customizing Your Race Dashboard

Collapse and Expand Menu Tabs

Once on your Race Dashboard, you can Collapse or Expand you dashboard menu tabs, while on any page of the dashboard.  You may want to Collapse these menu tabs in order to have more viewable screen space for looking at reports or other feature (on some features, the menu tabs will automatically be collapsed, and you will need to Expand them in order to navigate to a different section of the dashboard).

Edit Your Dashboard Settings

Once on your Race Dashboard, you have the ability to customize the settings of your race dashboard.  To access these settings, click on your Profile Icon, and then select Settings from the dropdown menu.

On the Settings page, you will have the option to edit the Dashboard Settings section, and the Customize Menu settings.


Any edits made in the Dashboard Settings section, will apply to all of your race dashboards.

You can set you Menu Size to either Small, Medium, or Large, in order to adjust the size of the tabs on the menu sidebar.

You can also use the section for Races to Show in "Other Races" Dashboard Menu in order to show only Races where I am a Director, Races where I can Access Participant Data, or Races where I have at least some Director Level Access.


The "Other Races" dashboard menu refers to the dropdown found to the right-hand side of you race name.


Any edits made in the Customize Menu section, will ONLY apply to the race dashboard of the race that you are currently viewing.

You can customize the menu to include only the pages that you want to view, by clicking on the button for Update Visible Menu Pages.

NOTE: This feature ONLY applies to your view of the race dashboard on your account.  Other race directors with access to the race from their own accounts will not have their visibility changed due to your settings.

After clicking the button for Update Visible Menu Pages, a pop up will allow you to select from either Simple or Advanced.

These tabs will allow you to select whichever items you would like to have visible on your dashboard, and deselect whichever items you would like to hide on your dashboard.

You will also have the option to click either Select All, in order to check off everything and then deselect what you don't want to view, or Clear All, in order to uncheck everything and then select only the things that you do want to view. 

If you would like to view all of the features on your dashboard, then you can click on the button for Show Entire Dashboard Menu and then hitting Save Changes.


After you have all of your dashboard Settings customized as you would like, then you can click on Save Changes, and a confirmation message will let you know that your settings have been saved.