If you need to edit a participant’s information, remove them from an event (with or without a refund), transfer them into a different event, or edit their add-ons, then you can do so by going to the “Participants” tab of the race dashboard, and clicking on the subheading for “Participant Management”.

Finding the Participant

You will first need to locate the runner whose registration you need to manage, and this can be done by simply going through the list of participants at the bottom of the page, or by using the “Search Participants” section to narrow down the results.



    Participant Search     


By using the “Event” drop-down menu, participants can be searched for by either individual events or across all of the events for a given year.  After that, the “Order” drop-down menu will allow you to sort the list of participants.  With this field, you will be able list participants according to registration date, first name, last name, or bib number.

You can further limit the results of your search by typing in a registrant’s first name, last name, email address, and/or bib number.  When you have all of the desired fields filled in, press “Search”, and the table below will be populated with only the participants matching those search terms.

ManageIn any case, once you have found the participant you are looking for, press the button marked “Manage”.

Managing Participants

When you click on the “Manage” button, you will be able to view that user’s registration information for that particular event.  In addition to this, you will also be given the options to edit that participant’s information, transfer that participant into a different event (if applicable), edit the participant’s add-ons, refund that registrant, and/or remove that user’s registration.

The corresponding how-to sections for “Participant Management” are as follows:


Reports SectionsYou are able to view the history of participant management changes underneath the “Financial” tab.  From there you can view either the “Refund Report” or the “Transfer Report”, or you can view them both simultaneously by using the “Dropout Report”.