Manage Payment Account

Modified on 22 June

The Manage Payment Account page allows you to view your next estimated payment and make changes to your payment information.

Here are options available to you on the Manage Payment Account page:

  • View Upcoming Payment Detail
  • View Payment Status
  • Update Banking information
  • Add/remove Payment Account owners
  • Change Fund Release Frequency
  • Set Funds Holding
  • Upload files for your payment account
  • Add additional contacts for payment notifications
  • View 1099-K Summary

Where to find my Payment Account?

Here is the direct link to your list of payment accounts: 

Your list of payment accounts can be found under the Profile icon, by clicking the My Payment Accounts tab.

You can find your Manage Payment Account page by clicking on the link "Manage". The payment account column shows the Payment Account Name and ID.

Alternatively, you can find your list of payment accounts from your Race Dashboard > Financial > Payment Accounts.

Payment Account Name

The name of your Payment Account as shown in the red rectangle below. For internal use only and will not affect your business/organization/individual’s payments. You can change the name by clicking the Edit button.

Changing this will NOT change the name of your legal entity. If you would like to change the legal entity name, please contact

How to Change my Payment Method

You're able to update your banking information or switch to check payments (vice versa) by clicking on the Edit button.

When do I get paid?

  1. Estimated Next Payment

    • This shows the estimated amount that will be paid and the date of the payment. The estimated amount is calculated by Settled + Waiting to be Settled - Amount in Client Holdbacks.
  2. Settled

    • This amount is cleared by the bank. It is ready and waiting to be paid on the payment date. Also, settled funds can be used for issuing refunds online.
  3. Waiting to Be Settled

    • This amount is pending to be cleared by the bank. This amount can change depending on customers' card failures. Also, pending settlement funds cannot be used to issue refunds.
  4. Amount in Client Holdbacks
    • The amount of money that is in refund reserves. It is not included in your estimated next payment. A negative number indicates that money is being released from your reserve. 

In Use By

The list of all Race(s), Club(s), and/or Charity currently being used by the payment account.  Here is a list of options available under this tab:

  • Hide deleted or draft events from your list by clicking on the box.
  • Filter the list of Race(s) by entering the start and end dates. 
  • Download your Chargeback report in CSV file by clicking on the button.
  • Find Race Dashboard by clicking on Manage

Maximum Reserve Hold date: The funds in the refund reserve will be withheld until this date. After, you can expect the funds from the reserve to be paid out on Tuesday end of the day.

Required Pre/Post Race Reserve: The amount required to be withheld in the refund reserve for the Race. Estimated to be 5% of total registrations. If the amount is greater than the amount in your reserve, there will be a red warning sign. This means incoming transactions will automatically be transferred to the refund reserve in order to meet the required amount for the specific Race.

Required Payment Account Reserve: The amount required to be withheld in the payment account overall. Estimated to be 2.5% of total registrations. If you only have 1 Race on your payment account, then you don't have to worry about this requirement.

Reserve requirement can vary depending on our underwriting process and chargeback experience.

If you would like to add a Race to this payment account, navigate to the “Payments” step of the race wizard and select this account from the list of payment accounts.

What is the status of my payment?

You can find the status of your current payment or your previous payments from the Payments tab > View Payments. For more information, see here.

For the status of each individual transactions that make up each payment, see Unpaid Line Items.

Settings for Payment Account

  1. Funds Release Frequency
    • By default, funds are released every Tuesday by the end of the day. You're able to change the frequency to Monthly instead of weekly. Also, you're able to change payment email notifications from weekly to Monthly or Never.
  2. Funds Holding
    • Hold Funds Until
      • All funds collected by this Payment Account will be placed on a Payment Hold until the set date. After this date, you will begin to receive payments as scheduled.
      • If a date is set, this will override the Minimum Hold Amount settings.
    • Minimum Hold Amount

      • You are able to set the holding amount here. For example, if $100 was set as a Minimum Hold Amount and you raised $1000, only $900 will be distributed to you whereas the $100 will be withheld until you manually enter $0 for Minimum Hold Amount.
      • If a date is set on Hold Funds Until, the Minimum Hold Amount will NOT apply. For example, if you set a Date AND a minimum amount, ALL funds will be withheld until the set date.
  3. Email Settings
    • By default, the Payment Account Owner(s) will receive payment notification emails. If you would like to have additional emails receive payment notifications, click on the link “Change E-mail Settings”.
  4. Account Owners
    • You can add additional Account Owners by clicking Add Access. You can remove Account Owners by clicking on the "x" next to the email.
      • Admin - Users can access all available options for the payment account. (Red rectangle)
      • Use Only - View-only access. Users cannot make any changes to the payment account but can assign the payment account to other Race(s).

Files for Payment Account

If we request that you upload files, you can click the “Upload Files” button below, then send us your files. Rest assured, uploaded files are encrypted with the highest standards available and not shared with any third party.


When it is time for you to file your taxes, you can view your 1099-K summary for all of the clients used under "In Use By" by clicking on the link "View 1099-K Summary". Also, you're able to view past 1099-K data by entering a different Year.

After the 2021 tax year, you will need to go to the legal entity to access the tax forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not able to access the Payment Account but I have Race Dashboard access. How can I access the Payment Account?

A: For security purposes, only Payment Account owners are able to access the Payment Account. If you are trying to access someone else's payment account, please contact the Payment Account owner directly to request access (completed outside of RunSignUp). The Payment Account owner contact email will be displayed on the red error message when accessing someone else's payment account.

Q: Why did I not get paid on the expected date?

A: There are many reasons why funds are not released on the expected date. The most common reason is that your account is paid by check which requires a minimum amount of $1000 collected before payment. For other reasons, see here.

Q: Do I need to enter the Minimum Hold Amount in order to hold funds under Funds Holding?

A: You are able to set a Hold Funds Until date without entering a Minimum Hold Amount. This will automatically hold all the funds collected until the set date. If you would like to hold a specific amount, then you can enter an amount under Minimum Hold Amount. However, if a date is set, the minimum hold amount will not apply.

Q: How do I process transactions under a different legal entity?

A: You will need to create a new payment account for the new legal entity. New payment account can be created on the Race Wizard (Payments Tab) which can be found via Race Dashboard > Race > Race Wizard > Payments > Create New Account. For information on how to set up payments, see here.

Please refer to our Director's Financial FAQ for more questions.