How do I add funds to the Refund Reserve?

In order to issue refunds for your Race on RunSignUp, you will need available funds on your Refund Reserve which can be found by navigating to Participants > Participant Management > Refund Reserve.

Reminder: There is a $1 Refund Processing Fee per participant who is refunded online. This means that you must plan to have more in your Refund Reserve than the original Amount Paid for each participant that you are refunding.

There are 4 options to add funds to the Refund Reserve:

1)  Carryover from Future Registrations

By default, this option is not enabled. If you have refunds or transfers enabled, this option will automatically be enabled for your convenience.

If you would like to enable this option manually, you can do so by navigating to Dashboard -> Participants -> Participant Management -> Refund Reserve -> Enter the appropriate amount under the Additional Refund Reserve field. All settled upcoming transactions will be added to your refund reserve up to the entered amount.

2)  Add funds via Credit/Debit Card

If you do not have available funds (Balance Owed) and do not expect to receive any further transactions but need funds in the Refund Reserve to issue refunds (Cancelled Races), then the next best option is to add funds to your Refund Reserve via Credit/Debit Card.

Race Dashboard -> Participants > Participant Management > Refund Reserve -> Add to Refund Reserve by Credit Card

Note: This option incurs the standard processing fee as shown here.

3)  Mail RunSignUp a Check

We can manually add funds to your Refund Reserve once the check clears. This option is not as convenient as the options above but you will be able to avoid the standard processing fee incurred from Credit/Debit card transactions. Please send the check to:

300 Mill St. Suite 200
Moorestown, NJ 08057

Important: Please include a note with the Race name/number and indicate that the funds are for the Refund Reserve.

4)  Wire funds to RunSignUp

This option is quicker than mailing a check but incurs the standard Wire transfer fee. For more information, contact

For more information on how to setup a Refund Reserve, see here.