Race Day Check-In - Web Check-In

Modified on 25 February

RunSignup has built-in race day check-in software that lets you verify information from participants, access any giveaways or add-ons they may have purchased like T-Shirts or other race gear, and assign bibs to them. The Web Check-In version of this software is best to use if you know you will have a stable internet connection and are using a desktop or laptop computer to check users in.

You can also use the RaceDay Check-In App for a better experience on mobile devices. You can find the RaceDay Check-In Apps on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Market. You can set up and configure these apps for your Race by going to Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In > Check-In App.

You can access the Race Day Web Check-in report by navigating to the Go Race Day tab in your race’s Dashboard and clicking  Go Race Day > Race Day Check-in > Web CheckIn

Report Customization

You can customize the report by selecting information that should be displayed here. Click the plus button to show the different types of customizations available. 

There are a few presets that you can use by clicking the green buttons below.You must click the "Update Report" button after making changes.


First select if you would like to run the Check-In report within your dashboard, or if you would like to use the more simple and clean Kiosk version.

If you ever need to exit the Kiosk mode you can do so by clicking the exit Kiosk mode at the bottom of your check-in screen when it’s in Kiosk mode.


The next level of customization is to decide what columns you would like to show in your check-in report. It may not be necessary to show personal information like address or E-mail, but you might want to show Bib number and any giveaways that you have for your event.

Check any of the boxes that you would like to see columns for on your report.

Here’s an example of what columns you may want to show for your event.

Information Visible In Popup

The next level of customization lets you change what information is shown when you press the Edit/Check-In button.


You can decide if you would like to filter the report, so that it limits the amount of participants to search through, by selecting either the Hide Imported Registrants checkbox, the Hide Checked In checkbox, or both.

Editing Options

The Editing Options section lets you change what you can edit inside of the popup screen when you select the Edit/Check-In button.


RunSignUp also has a few pre-programmed check-in screen presents to get you started. Just select one of these presets to automatically load up their customization settings!

Limit Access

In the top right corner of the dashboard version of the check-in report you will see a Limit Access button

This will bring up a popup allowing you to give someone access to this check-in report, without the ability to go back to the dashboard and make any changes that you would not want.

All you need to do is set an identifier in this text-box. Anyone logged in using this unique identifier will be flagged on the check-in report so you can track how many check-ins this person did.

This is very useful for packet pickup situations where you may have simultaneous packet pickups happening at once, and you want to track how many picked up from the different locations.

Search Participants

The next section of the check-in report is the search participants section. This lets you narrow down your check-in report so you can quickly and easily find the participant that you are trying to check in.

Whenever making any changes to the report, you must press the Update Report button to see those changes reflected in the check-in report below.


The Event drop down lets you narrow your search down to a single event. This would be useful if you are only checking in those registered for the 5k at one computer, and only those for the 10k in a separate computer.


The Order drop down lets you decide in what order you would like participants to be displayed it. It is set to order by Registration Date by default, but you may want to change this to sort by Last Name, First Name if you are used to scanning an alphabetical list of participants.

Registration ID

The Registration ID will let you look up an individual by typing in their registration ID. This can be found on their confirmation email.

A really cool feature is that the barcode included in every confirmation email for each participant register is encoded with this registration ID. Many race directors will use an off-the-shelf barcode scanner to scan print outs of their participants confirmation emails to drastically speed up packet pickup and check-in.

First Name/Last Name/Bib Number

This is the main search filter that you will use, allowing you to narrow down your check-in report by first name, last name, and/or bib number.

Once you are done putting in data into the search fields, press the Update Report button to find the participant your are looking for.

Once you are done you can hit the Clear button to clear out the text fields above.

Change Event

If you need to change a participant's event, you can do so by clicking the Change button in the Event column. Be aware that you will need to have the "Event" column shown in the report in order for you to see this feature in the table.

Then you’ll need to select the event that you are transferring this participant to.

Make sure that you are selecting the correct year of the event, as this will list all years’ events.

Please note that doing an event transfer as a race director may lose some event specific information (e.g. teams). This process will also not allow you to charge additional fees in the case that the Event you are transfering a person into is more expensive than the once that they were originally registered for.

Registration Notes

This column pulls any data that you’ve put into the Notes section of the participant import screen.

Group/Team Link

The Group/Team link allows you to jump to a check-in list of the other participants registered to this Group/Team. This is very useful if one person is coming in to pick up for their entire team.

Edit/Check-In Button

To check-in a participant, begin by pressing the Edit/Check-In button.

This will bring up a pop-up where you can assign or change bib and chip numbers, mark a participant as being paid for if they were imported manually, and mark a participant as checked-in.

Check-In Summary

The check-in summary lets you see how many participants you have checked in, along with what users did those check-ins. Another feature that the Check-In Summary has is tracking check-ins by the identifiers defined in the Limit Access feature.