Assigning Bib Numbers Through Participant Check-In Report

Modified on 17 January

Another way to assign bib numbers is through the Check-In Report found under "Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In".

Start by clicking the Assign Through Quick Participant Report button.

This report allows you to quickly look up participants using the Search Participants function:

And to easily assign bib numbers using the Edit/Check-In function found next to the participant's name that you would like to check-in.

This will bring up a pop-up which will let you assign the next available bib to this participant. You can either type the number into the field, or use a barcode scanner to automatically put the bib number into the field if you have barcodes on your bibs.

Bib Number Pop-Up

Once you have typed a bib number into the Bib Number field, click Save to save this bib assignment, or Check-In & Save to automatically mark this participant as being checked in.