Assigning Bib Numbers At Registration Time

Modified on 16 April

This function will automatically assign bib numbers to participants as they register, based on the parameters that are set up.

To begin, navigate to Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips, then select the Assign Bib Numbers at Registration Time button.

Next select the event that you would like to assign bib numbers to.

When you select a checkbox next to an event, it will bring up a menu to define what bib numbers you would like to assign to this specific event.

In this case the race has two ranges for 5k bib numbers, and two ranges for 10k bib numbers. For the 5k they're using bibs 1-200 and 501-1000, and for the 10k they're using bibs 201-500 and 1001-2000.

You can select the Share Bib Number with Other Events checkbox for each event if your bib number ranges have crossover between Events, and you want to make sure that a bib number is never assigned to two people in different Events. Using this feature would mean that once a bib number is used in the 10k, it would no longer be available in the 5k.

If you're using this feature after participants have already begun registering, you would want to select the Assign Bibs To Participants Who Have Already Registered feature by checking the box below:

Once you've done this, you're ready to assign bib numbers. Don't forget to save your settings by pressing the Setup Automatic Bib Assignment button 

Now that you've setup automatic bib assignment your participants will be assigned bibs as they register automatically, following the guidelines that you defined earlier.

In this case, once you have 200 people register for the 5k, the next person who registers will get bib 501, and then 502 to the next, skipping the range for the 10k (201-500) and so on and so forth.