Assign Bib Numbers (Automatically)

Modified on 17 January

This function allows you to automatically assign bib numbers en masse by a rule that you define.

Start by navigating to Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips, then selecting the Assign Bib Numbers button.

First you need to select which event you are assigning bib numbers for from the series of checkboxes.

Next you need to tell the system what bib number you are starting at.

Note that if you do not overwrite existing bibs, new assignments will skip the existing bib numbers. This means that if you already had defined some bib numbers before, and have the Overwrite existing bib numbers not selected, the system will skip over those people who already have bib numbers assigned.

You can optionally add an Ending Bib Number. This is useful if you would like to have multiple races of automatic bib assignments.

Next you must choose a Bib Assignment Policy, which will determine in what order the bib numbers will be assigned to participants.

You can either chose to assign bib numbers in the following ways:

  • Alphabetically by last name, first name, and then address
  • Alphabetically by first name, last name, and then address
  • Age, last name, then first name
  • Registration Date
  • Gender, last name, first name
  • Gender, first name, last name

You can also assign bib numbers in descending order by selecting the option for it, or to assign these bib numbers to registrants in the super events of the selected events too.

The final step is to decide if you would like to overwrite existing bib numbers or not, and then once you are done with that must press the Assign Bib Numbers button to apply your rule and assign bib numbers to all of your participants.