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Modified on 18 December

Beyond the Basics: We review Bib Assignment and the Check-In App.

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As a recap and reference guide, here are some notes and resources.

Webinar from November, 2016 reviewing basic bib assignment: Timer Tools Webinar
Bib Assignment How-To: https://runsignup.com/How-To/Assign-Bibs-Chips
How to get started with the RD Go Check-In App and Web Check-In

1. Enable Check-In on RunSignUp and set a Shared password

Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In > Check-In App

2. Download the app to your phones and tablets

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/runsignup-check-in/id1094424425
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.runsignup.checkin
Web: https://runsignup.com/checkin

3. Find your race on your device, and enter the password.

It may take a bit as the participants are loaded into the device

4. Configure the Display setup you want on your device or for the web.


Click on menu bar in top left corner
Click on Settings
Choose from the list for what you want to Display, Check-In Steps and other Check-In options
Once finished, click Back
Click on Menu, click on Presets, SAVE this Preset (this will allow you to automatically load the same presets on all other devices)
To load on new device: Click on Menu >Presets > Use Saved Preset > Choose your custom Preset

Web App:

Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In > Check-In App
Add Web Preset Button (note: these settings are different from the App Presets)
Choose fields and provide a Preset Name
Save at the bottom of the page
To load on new browser: https://runsignup.com /checkin
After authenticating your race (shared password), choose Preset from dropdown, ‘Default Display’ will show if one has not been selected yet
Click on Check-In button to get started! 

5. Share this setup with the other phones/tablets by choosing your Presets and loading the participants
6. Run your volunteers thru a few sample check-ins and begin receiving your runners!

See more details and how to train your volunteers here: https://runsignup.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/check-in-app-now-native-for-apple-android/

7. Review the Reports 

Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In > Check-In App Summary

Benefits of using the Check-In App:

Dynamic Bib Assignment (less space for bibs, less waste of preassigned bibs that are never picked up, no paper lists)
Statistics on Packet Pickup attendance (use this data to show your Expo sponsors, schedule volunteers, adjust your packet pickup hours)
Use in collaboration with the Sign-Up App and never turn your online registration off until the race starts! (everything in one database, allow for more people to sign up!)

Watch the recording of RunSignUp 201: RaceDay Go Tools