Transfer a Registration to Another Person/Bib Exchange/

Modified on 17 February

As a Race Director

Run Signup gives the ability for Race Directors to initiate a Bib Exchange/Participant Transfer, or participant to participant transfer, right from the Race Dashboard. This way participants will not have to go through their Run Signup Profile to start a Participant Transfer. 

Once you have completed these steps the new participant will receive instructions on how to complete the transfer. The transfer is not complete until the new participant has clicked the link in the email sent to them and completed their registration. Initiating a participant transfer as a race director does not charge the runner for gift transfers.

Note: In order to initiate a Participant Transfer, you will need to enabled this feature from Participants > Participant Management > Participant Transfer as explained here.

  1. Sign In to RunSignUp
  2. Go to your Race Dashboard
  3. Use the "Search by Name, Bib, E-mail, etc." box at the top right to find the registration
  4. Click Manage (making sure that it is the correct Event Date)
  5. Click Start Participant Transfer
  6. Confirm Original Registrant Information
  7. Enter New Recipient Information
  8. Select a Transfer Type
  9. Click Initiate Transfer

You can Cancel the transfer on the same Manage page that you started the transfer from.

If you are a current participant looking to learn how to transfer one of your own registrations to another person, please see our guide on how to do so here.