Update Participant Information for an existing registration

Modified on 13 August

Sometimes you need to update the information for a registration that has already been submitted. Please note that adjusting your Profile information does not change the information on registrations that have already been completed, and will only affect future registrations made with that Profile.

Note: Updating Participant Information is not intended to be used to transfer your registration to another person. If you are trying to learn how to transfer your registration to another person, please see the guide on how to Transfer a Registration to Another Person/Bib Exchange

Not all races will have this option available, if you do not see "Participant Info", it means you cannot change your information and will need to contact the race.

Some Races will give their participants the ability to update information on existing registrations. If this is the case, and you need to update your information on an existing registration, then follow the steps below.

Update Participant Information for an Existing Registration

Begin by logging into your account, and go to your “Profile” page. On the “Profile” page, see Races under Upcoming Events. This shows a list of all Race(s) that are coming up. You are able to manage the registration for the Race by clicking "Manage Registration".

From the Race Menu, click Participant Info.

Note: If you do not see the "Participant Info" tab on your "Registration Management" page it means that this Race does not allow participants to update their information for previously completed registrations. If you need the information updated and a Race does not allow you to do it online, please contact the Race directly to see if they would be willing to make that change for you on their end.

You can make changes to the fields displayed. Once you have made your changes, click Update Information.