Manage Email Settings

Modified on 20 September


The Manage Email Settings Page lets you change settings that will apply to all of the emails that will be sent out through this Race. These settings are found on the Race Dashboard by going to Email Marketing > Manage Email Settings.

Set From Name

This field allows you to change the “From” name in your emails to whatever you like. It is a good idea to make this your Race’s name so that recipients will recognize the sender more easily.

Set Reply-To Email Address

A Reply-To Email Address can be any email address that you would like users to send their responses to by default when they click the Reply button in their email client.

Advanced White-Labeling

By default, E-mails are sent from a RunSignUp E-mail address and some E-mail clients display that it was sent via SendGrid.

If you have control of a domain name, like, you can white-label E-mails to send from your domain name. This can help to increase deliverability and promote your brand better.

NOTE: This is an advanced feature for more sophisticated customers who manage their own website and domain name. You can learn more about this process in our recent blog post.

Use Simple Whitelabeling

You can check off Yes, use Reply To Email Address as From Email Address in order to use simple whitelabeling.

NOTE: Using simple whitelabeling without setting up advanced whitelabeling may affect delivery rates. This option is automatically enabled for users who have set up full whitelabeling.

Save Email Settings

Once you have all of your settings as you would like, click on Save Email Settings.