How to Set Up Registration

The “Registration” setup can either be accessed by selecting the “Registration” step of the race wizard, or by going to the “Race Info” tab of the race dashboard, and opening up the “Registration” subheading. 

This section will show you how to create as many registration periods as you would like, upload paper registration forms, set restrictions and limitations on registration, and edit the “Race Waiver” on the “Registration” setup page.

*In order to begin “Registration” setup, you will need to complete the required fields of the “Payment Details” step. For more information on this step, please refer to “How to Set up Payment Details”.


In the “Registration” section, you will be able to customize the registration information for the events you created in the “Basic Info” step. Note: You will need to complete the required fields of the “Payment Information” section in order to begin the “Registration” section.

The “Registration” settings can be modified across several events at the same time if necessary, or by individual event.

Edit Multiple Events

Events Across Multiple Events

To change registration settings across multiple events simultaneously, you can click on “Modify Settings Across Multiple Events”, and the “Edit Multiple Events” window will pop-up for you. Within this window, you can use the check boxes to select only the events that you want to apply similar settings to, or you can hit the “Select All” button to check off all events.

By default, all of the fields are disabled, and they will appear as slightly faded. When you click on a field, you will notice that it no longer remains faded. Therefore, that field is enabled, and any change made to that field will apply to all events selected above. If you decide that you do not want to change a field anymore, then simply hit the "ESC" key while on that field, and it will become faded out once more.

Note: Faded fields will not be altered across all events. Any information existing in those fields, unique or identical, will remain unchanged.

In this pop-up window, the fields can be edited in the same manner as they would be for individual events. When you are finished editing the necessary fields, click on the button for “Copy to Events”.

Edit Individual Events

Select an Event

Individual events can be edited underneath their specific event bar. Events can be found manually by scrolling through the page, or you can use the “Select an Event” guide in the lower right-hand corner. By clicking on an event in the “Select an Event” guide, you will be brought directly to that event’s editable details.

Registration Periods

In order for users to register for an event, the event needs to have at least one registration period. To set up a registration period, begin by entering in the date and time when the first registration period will open. 

Next, enter in the date and time when the first registration period will close. Then, fill out the field for “Event Fee” to indicate what the event pricing is for that particular registration period.

Registration Period

Note: “Age Based Pricing” and “Group Based Pricing” can be set up after completing the wizard. If age or group based pricing is set up for an event, then a notice of these pricing units will be written in that event’s section (ex: “This event also has age based pricing and group based pricing set up”).

Add Registration Period

You can add as many registration periods as you would like by clicking “Add Registration Period”, and if you need to remove a registration period, then simply click on the “X” next to the corresponding “Registration Period”.

IMPORTANT: Registration periods cannot overlap other registration periods.

Paper Entry Form

Registration PDF

In the “Registration Options” section, you can click on “Choose File” to import a “Paper Registration Form”. This will allow runners to register for the race offline if you would like to offer that alternative.

Disable Registration

In the “Registration Options” section, you can disable registration by checking off the box for “Do not allow registrations”. Note: This check box will override all registration windows.

Disable Registration

Setting Limitations

Registration Restrictions

In the “Registration Options” section, limitations can be set for registrations.

The maximum number of participants can be set in the field provided. However, if you would like to allow any number of registrants, then you can leave that field blank.

By setting a specific age through another specific age, restrictions can be set on the age that a registrant must be in order to participate.Note: Age restrictions are based on race day age.

Lastly, restrictions can be placed on the gender of that event’s participants.

Setting Required Information

In the “Registration Options” section, you can use the check boxes to select which fields are required to be filled out by race participants. These include “Gender”, “Date of Birth”, “Address”, “City”, “State”, “Country”, “Zip Code”, and “Phone”.

Required Info

Note: If you have age or gender restrictions set for your race, then their respective check boxes will remain checked off.

Race Waiver

The final section of the “Registration” section allows you to read and edit the race waiver to suit your race’s needs.


Save and Continue

When you are finished making changes to the “Registration” section, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save & Continue”.