Creating a Race

Modified on 23 January

Creating a Race

Race Creation

RunSignup’s race creation wizard streamlines the process of setting up a new race by highlighting the specifics necessary to getting your registration underway. This allows you to customize your race more thoroughly at your own pace, and doesn’t waste your time with features that don’t pertain to your race.

To begin creating a race, go to the homepage of RunSignUp ( and click on “Create a Race”.

Creating a New Race

The first step in creating a new race is setting up the “Basic Info”. After you have completed this portion of the race wizard, then you will be able to move from step to step at random, saving changes as you go.

Re-Entering the Race Wizard

After creating your race, RunSignup allows Race Director's to re-enter the race wizard. This is done through your Race Dashboard by selecting Race > Race Wizard

The race wizard can always be reentered through the “Race” tab of the race dashboard.