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Modified on 28 December



Two things before starting to make everything run more smoothly:

Setting the Race 'TYPE':

You MUST have an Event set up as "Virtual Race" under the Type. Only events that have a type of “Virtual Race” in the race wizard are eligible.

You can set this in the Basic Info step 1 of your Race Wizard:

Three Basic Virtual Results Set Scenarios:

  1. Basic Virtual Results
  2. Multiple Registrations, Single Results
  3. Single Registration, Multiple Results

OPTION 1: Virtual Results Setup: Basic

    1. Virtual Race Results

Go to RaceDay Tools, Virtual/Challenge Results, Configure Virtual Results.

    2. Enable Events

Select each event/course path you wish to offer the submission of virtual results.

If you have a situation where you need to group your registration categories into one result set or a             single registration with multiple results sets, follow the steps below. 

3. Complete the Settings and Click Save.

Virtual Results: Alternative Events

Flexible Virtual Result Categories

Registrations options may be different from the results that need to be provided, including:

  • Multiple Registration Options, One or More Result Sets

  • One Registration Option, Multiple Result Sets

  • Or a combination of the two

OPTION 2: Multiple Registration Options, One Result Set

Some events will have various registration options that do not need individual result sets.

For example, you may have registration options such as a “5K-No Shirt” option and a “5K-With Shirt” option. However, for results, you just need one “5K” event for user-submitted data to be routed. 

1. Enable Virtual Results for Event Requiring Results

From the RaceDay Tools tab, select the Virtual/Challenge Results, and then choose the event that the virtual results will be funneled into. 

2. Edit Virtual Result Settings

Click the Virtual Result Settings button.

3. Create a New Result Set 

Scroll to Result Setting to Adjust the Result Set for Event.

Select Create a New Result Set and enter the label for the Result Set. 

You may need to adjust the name to better describe the event in a more generic fashion such as Half Marathon.

4. Allow the other event to use this result set

Open up the virtual settings for the event that you want to share this new results set with.

Set the Result Set to "No Results - Alternate Event Submission Only".

Select the Alternate Event that you want this event to funnel results into.

5. Finish Adjusting Settings, Click Save

OPTION 3: One Registration, Multiple Result Sets: 

Alternative Events Submission Only

You may have one “master” registration category or multiple high-level registration categories that cover a bundle or multiple types of events. For example, you may have a challenge event with one price bundled registration that covers multiple mini-challenges such as a “hot dog eating contest”, a “number of steps contest,” and a “push up challenge.” 

Follow the steps below for setting up these individual result sets. 

1. Enable Virtual Results

Go to RaceDay Tools, Virtual/Challenge Results, Configure Virtual Results. 

Enable the Virtual Results for:

  • Master Registration Category*

  • Events Needing Virtual Results 

*You still need to enable the master registration option(s) for unified communications for the overall event. 

2. Adjust Master Registration(s) Result Set to Alternate Event Submission Only

This will disable results for this category. 

            Scroll to Result Setting area and adjust the Result Set type to Alternate Event Submission Only

3. Create New Result Sets for All Events Needing Results

Go to the list of Your Virtual Events from the Virtual/Challenge Results tab.

Scroll to Result Setting to Adjust the Result Set for the Event

*If any of the listed Alternative Events need results funneled to this particular Result Set, select the alternative events here. 

4. Finish Adjusting the Settings and Click Save.

5. Complete Setup for Remaining Events.

Continue to create New Result Sets for each category requiring results.