Set Up Referral Refunds

Modified on 02 March

Set-Up Referral Refunds

Before You Start: Make sure that you have Referral Tracking enabled.  Here is our tutorial on this topic:

Referral Refunds

You can offer automatic refunds to participants when others register based on their referral code. If enabled, we will set the race refund reserve to hold at least 10 times the max refund amount.

We highly discourage changing these refund settings after registration has opened. Doing so can result in duplicate or skipped refunds. Refunds will only be issued for registrations where a new referred registration is completed after refunds have been set up.

You can set referral refunds to apply to registrations before a certain date and time

Referral Refunds Setup

Begin by selecting Add a Refund (or Create Your First Refund) > then fill in the necessary information that you would like your refund settings to be. For example if you would like participants to receive a $20 refund after they refer 4 friends your setting will be the following:

Next you will want to ensure your registration balance. Registration balance ensures that the remaining creditable amount of a registration after the refund is this much. This is useful to not discount too much if the original registration use a coupon or some other discount. The creditable amount does not include the original processing fee paid by the registrant. Note that extra giveaway costs, add-on purchases, etc. are included in the creditable amount. If a registration purchased $15 in add-ons and you set this field to $10, you could potentially refund $5 worth of add-ons. 

You can also set refunds to not include Add-On purchases amount in registration balance.

Advanced Options

By selecting Advance Options, you can setup the additional refunds for every 'X' number of registrants and the the total number of refunds that can be issued. Adding additional refunds for 'X' number of registrants will allow you to setup the number of refunds that will occur after the initial number of participants have been refunded. For example, in our above example of issuing a $20 refund after participants refer 4 friends, if you wanted to issue a $20 refund for every participant referred after the 4th referral, you can set this 1. If you want to continue using every 4 referral will incur a $20 refund you will leave this number at 0.