Add Age Based Pricing

Modified on 04 October


Add Age Based Pricing

The “Age Based Pricing” feature allows you to create special pricing options for specified age groups. Age based pricing discounts are applied automatically based on the registrant’s birth date, which prevents registrants from forgetting to claim their discount. This tutorial will teach you how to enable and edit the settings of “Age Based Pricing”.

Aged Based Pricing

As a race director, you can create "Age Based Pricing" so that specified age groups can register at a special fee. To enable and edit "Age Based Pricing", go to the "Race Info" tab of your race dashboard, and open up the sub-heading for "Age Based Pricing".

Modify Settings Across Multiple Events

In the "Age Based Pricing" section, you can choose to edit age based pricing across all events, or, you can apply age based pricing to events individually.

Edit Multiple Events

To change the settings across multiple events simultaneously, you can click on "Modify Settings Across Multiple Events", and the "Edit Multiple Events" window will pop-up for you.Within this window, you can use the check boxes to select only the events that you want to apply identical settings to, or you can hit the "Select All" button to check off all events.

Edit Individual Events

Individual events can be edited underneath their specific event bar. Events can be found manually by scrolling through the page, or you can use the "Select an Event" guide in the lower right-hand corner.By clicking on an event in the "Select an Event" guide, you will be brought directly to that event’s editable details.

Setting Up Pricing Start and End Times

The first step in creating age based pricing for an event or events is clicking on the "Add Age Based Pricing" button and setting up a pricing window. Several different age ranges can be listed under a single pricing window, and multiple pricing windows can be set up if necessary.

To set up a pricing window, simply enter in the date and time when the age based pricing will be made available for registrants, and then, enter in the date and time when the age based pricing will no longer be available for registrants.

Setting Up Age Ranges

After creating a new "Date Range" for pricing, you will need to create at least one "Age Range" within that window.An "Age Range" must be set from a minimum age through to a maximum age, and you will need to specify a price for that particular "Age Range".

The example above is showing registrants who are between the ages 0-12 will automatically be charged $15 per at the end of checkout page.

Important: Do not enter the age range for your event's  "standard price". For example, if the standard price for the event is priced at $25, do not add age-range 13-99 priced at $25 as this can cause complication with registration.


For each "Age Range", you can also decide whether runners registering within that discounted age group will be eligible for the "Giveaway" and/or "Membership Based Price Adjustments". If you leave one or both of these boxes unchecked, then registrants using this "Age Based Pricing" will have the corresponding options available during registration.If you check off one or both of these boxes, then registrants using this "Age Based Pricing" will have the corresponding options disabled during registration.

Note: Coupons and gift certificates can still be used with age based pricing.

Adding/Deleting Age Ranges

If you would like to set up multiple "Age Ranges" for the same "Date Range", simply click on the "Add Another Age Range" button, and fill out the new age range details in the same manner.

If you need to delete any unnecessary "Age Ranges", then you can do so by clicking on the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner of that "Age Range" box.

Adding/Deleting Date Ranges

To create an entirely new "Date Range" for age based pricing, click on "Add Age Based Pricing", and repeat the process explained above. To get rid of any unwanted "Date Ranges", click on the trashcan located in the upper right hand corner of that "Date Range" box.

Saving Age Based Pricing

When you are finished creating/editing your date/age ranges, be sure to click "Save Age Based Pricing", and now, if you go to the race page, you will find that "Age Based Pricing" has been added/updated for the specified events.

Group Pricing

Please note that any Group Pricing that you have set up will be overwritten by any Age Based Pricing that you have created.

Setting Up Pricing Start and End Times