Manage Membership Levels

Modified on 15 May

Manage Membership Levels


How to Edit a Membership Level

After creating your membership organization, you can make edits to the existing membership levels by going to Memberships >> Membership Levels

Click the edit icon to the right of the level to make the changes. You can change the level name, level description, age limits, number of members allowed, membership duration, and the renew settings.

Rearrange Membership Level

You can rearrange the membership levels by dragging-and-dropping the membership levels to reorder them. Click and hold the dots to the left of the level name to move. Once you are finished, click Save.

Delete Membership Level

You can delete a membership level by clicking the trashcan icon to the right of the level. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before this is completed. 

How to Add a Membership Level

You can also create a new membership level on this page. Click the "Add a Membership Level" button and fill out the information on the next page. You just need to add a name in order to save the level. Once you add a membership duration and a price, then people are able to purchase it. 

After adding the name, there are a few different things to decide on:

  • Duration: Duration refers to the length of the membership. You can choose to do the term in days, months, year, or set a custom duration. 
  • Start Date: You can set a static start date- meaning every membership starts and ends on the same day. Or you can make start and end dates dynamic and have them begin on the day the person signs up. 
  • Price: This is where you set the price for the membership level.
  • Multiple Members: You can choose whether or not a certain membership level allows multiple people on a single membership. 
  • Auto Renew: There are a few different auto renewal options you can choose from like automatic, member-enabled auto renewal (meaning the member can turn it on if they like), or you can select to not have the membership auto renew.

Click Save to add the level to your membership organization.