Memberships Website Builder

Modified on 22 May

Memberships Website Builder

Our website builder enables your membership organization to add custom content sections with images, video, playlists, call-to-action buttons, formatted text, and more to feature additional information about your event an organization on your event's website. Membership organization websites are easy to create and even easier to manage with the website builder. 


Accessing the Website Builder

After setting up your membership organization, you will have access to the website builder in your Memberships Dashboard. Go to Website >> Website Builder, or type "Website Builder" in the menu search. 

The website builder gives you an intuitive and easy interface to add custom sections that feature your content. You will see some default sections that are automatically generated for your website based on the information that you completed in the Memberships Wizard. Note that you can still enable a cover page for your Memberships Website when you use the website builder. Your custom content pages will appear as tabs of your website. 

System Pages

When your Memberships Organization is created, the Info page will be your home page by default. In addition, your website will have the Join Now, Donate (if donations are enabled), and Store(if you have added store items) tabs. These are system pages that will take you directly into the purchase path, donation page, or standalone store respectively. 

You can edit, hide, or delete these pages in the website builder. 

Note: If you do not have store items availalbe as a standalone store (ie. they are only available when purchaseing a membership), you will want to hide/delete the Store page. 

Theme Options

The Theme Options drop-down in the top-right corner of the website builder gives you the ability to redirect the page to make additional adjustments to the event them settings (which can also be found under Website >> Event Theme). You can choose to make edits to the homepage banner, page banner (used on all pages except the home page and system pages), logo, and color scheme:

For more information on these settings, read our Event Theme help guide here

See below for additional information on using the website builder.

Adding Pages to Your Website

To a a new page to your website, click the + icon button in the Navigation on the right-hand side of the website builder:

You can select Add New Page to add custom content, Add System Page to select from our system generated pages, Add New External Link to direct people to another website when they click that menu tab or Add New Drop Down to add a new dropdown tab that collapses multiple pages.

To add a new content section to a page on your website click Add New Section at the bottom of the Website Builder to make it easy to add more content as you are building your website.

There are two options when you add a section: Single Column or Two ColumnWhen you create a new section, add a title in the top text box.

The settings icon allows you to customize section settings. You have the ability to make a section "members only," this means that only people who are members in your organization will be able to view this. Non-members will not be able to see this. As director, you will always be able to see this section. 

You have the option to customize the background color by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the column.

Note: The color choices available are linked to your Membership Organization's theme colors that are set in the dashboard.

The trashcan icon allows you to delete a section.

Click the sign on any section to start adding your content using the Website Builder components.

Website Builder Components

Once you have added a page in the Website Builder, you can click the +Add Section button at the bottom of the page to add various sections to the page. Then, you can click the + button within each section to add a Website Builder component within that section:

Note: You can click Save at the top-left of the page at anytime to save your custom sections.

Contact Form

You can add a contact form to allow supporters to send a message to the Contact Email input in the first step of the Memberships Wizard, which can also be changed under Organization >> Basic Info in the Memberships Dashboard. Note: This form will automatically display on the Info page when the event is created, but it can be removed and added to different pages.

The Contact Form will display when the Questions? button is clicked for supporters to enter their name, email, phone number (optional), and message:


When you add custom text, an editor will appear to give you flexible formatting options, including headers, text style, and text alignment.


You can add call-to-action buttons throughout your content sections. Buttons can redirect to common actions on the ticket website, like ticket purchase or the donation page. They can also be used for any custom URL. For example, you may want to link attendees back to your nonprofit’s main website. 

After adding a button to any section, click Edit Me to customize the button. The preview of the button will update in real time as you add button text and choose a color.


When you add an image, you will have an easy upload option that allows you to drag and drop or search for an image to add. Once you’ve added an image, to the right-hand side, you can adjust the formatting options to customize the alignment and size.

You can also choose an image from our Image Gallery that offers a number of images in many categories (biking, run, golf, triathlons, etc.). To pull an image from the gallery, click the Image Gallery Tab and select the desired category from the dropdown menu.

To add an image to an existing text block, click the image icon in the upper right corner. You will have the same flexible alignment and sizing options when adding an image to a text block.

Image, Text, Button

The Image, Text, Button component will create a section with and image, text and button in order from top to bottom:

You can rearrange these sections using the up and down arrows in the top right of each section and edit each of the items the same way you would the individual Image, Text or Call-to-Action Button components

Youtube Video

To add a YouTube video to a custom section, paste the video ID in the text box.

The website builder will use the cover image from the YouTube video. When a supporter clicks to view the video, it displays nicely on the website with a pop-out viewer to play the video, and the supporter can easily return to the website when done. This is an easy way to include video content without redirecting your website visitors to a different URL.


You can also feature playlists from Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music. This is a fun way to add more interactive content to your website, especially for virtual and hybrid events. When you paste the link to a playlist, there is a nice display formatting that shows the playlist directly on your website.


You can create photo slideshows (of up to 10 images) to feature event photos to further customize your website and promote membership purchases! For more information on this component, view our Photo Slideshows help guide here


You can use the Cards component  to easily create cards with text, images and hyperlinks for your memberships website. For more information, view out Card Component in the Website Builder help guide here.


You can add a countdown clock to your website to count down to a certain date, for example the day of a special race or the last day members can signup for the year. You can add a custom title to the countdown as well:

Event Description

You can add the description you wrote when creating the membership organization that shows under Organization >> Basic Info to your website by using this component. 

Map Location

You can add a map to the location that you entered when creating the membership organization that shows under Organization >> Basic Info to your website by using this component. This will appear as a map that they can click on for more information:

Event Location

You can add the actual address you entered when creating the membership organization that shows under Organization >> Basic Info to your website by using this component.

Membership Levels

The memberships levels you set up under Memberships >> Membership Levels can be added to your website builder so that people can choose which level to signup for from the front-page:


This component allows you to show a list of the current members in your club on the front-facing website:

Number of Members

This component shows how many active members there are currently in your membership organization in the front-facing website:

Number of Memberships

This component shows how many active memberships there are currently in your membership organization in the front-facing website:

If there are multi-person memberships available, then the number of members may be higher than the number of memberships shown. 

Donation Lookup

The Donation Lookup component allows donors to resend their donation confirmation email, which can be edited under Organization >> Notifications.  

Note: This will automatically display on the Info page when donations are enabled, but it can be removed and added to different pages.

Donors can click the Enter Donation Emailbutton, and a text box will dropdown for them to enter their email address and resend themselves their donation confirmation email:

Donation Thermometer 

You can add a Donation Thermometer that displays how close your organization is to reaching its donation goal that was setup in Step 1 of the Memberships Wizard or under Donations >> Donation Setup >> Display Settings

Note: This is separate feature from the donation goal thermometer that displays on the Donation page, which can be turned on from the Donation Display Settings page.

Strava Map

To add a Strava Map to your website, you will need the Strava Route ID. There is also an optional field for the Strava Club ID:

Editing Content Sections

After you have created your sections, you can go back into the Website Builder (Website >> Website Builder) in the Memberships Dashboard to edit the content at any time.

At the top of each section, there is a settings icon that allows you to customize Section Settings and a trashcan icon to delete the section.

The Section Settings allow you to add a section URL to link to that specific section on the website, an option to hide the section, and an option to set a publish date so that you can set a specific date or timeframe when you want that piece of content to show.

You also have the option to customize the background color by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the column. Note: The color choices available are linked to your Membership Organization's theme colors that are set in the dashboard under Website >> Website Theme.

Rearrange Sections

You can easily rearrange the order that content appears on your website. 

There are drag-and-drop handles at the top of each section tile to easily move sections around. There are also up-and-down arrows that make it easy to rearrange expanded sections on a desktop or on mobile.

In addition to being able to rearrange the sections, you will have the same options to rearrange the order that content appears within a section.