RaceJoy For Virtual Events Setup

Modified on 20 August


Requirements for RaceJoy to Function:

    1. Create EVENT(s) in Race Wizard as Needed

    2.  Race Setup as Virtual Event in Race Wizard

    3. Correct Start and End Dates for ALL events

    4. Virtual Results & Bib Numbers Configured for Auto Results

    5. Processing Type Adjusted Properly (standard or race anywhere)

    6. Race must be loaded 5+ dates from event date (including test races)



Race Wizard:

Go to Events section.

    1. Add Events as Needed

Each course/event option that you want in RaceJoy needs to be set up in the race wizard. Many times registration may not cover all the events that a participant can choose from. 

Example: A race has one registration but is offering a race anywhere 5K option or 10K option. Each of these will need to have an event set up in the wizard so that users can select the correct event in RaceJoy. You can hide these from registration as needed. 

    2. Set Event Type to Virtual Race


    3. Set End Date and Time

This creates the tracking period for each course and will turn on and off the RaceJoy tracking ability for the event. 

    • You must set an end date and time for RaceJoy to function properly.
    • Important: These must be correct for ALL events.


    4. Set Distance

Virtual events must have a set distance for each event. 


    5. Save Changes

RaceDay Virtual Results:: SETUP


Virtual results must be set up for auto submission of results through RaceJoy.

 Click to access Virtual Results How-To. 

    1. Go to RaceDay Tools, Virtual/Challenge Results, Configure Virtual Results


    2. Enable virtual results for each event/course path you wish to offer the submission of virtual results and complete the configuration setup.


    3. Automatic Assign Bib Numbers

Ensure bib numbers are automatically assigned and communicated to participants. They must have a bib number in order to submit their virtual results. 

Click to view a How-To automatically assign bib numbers. 


    4. Advanced Flexible Result Sets Setup

RunSignup supports flexible registration and Result Sets scenarios. For example, you may have one registration for multiple events and wish to have separate result sets for each. Click to access how-to set up for virtual results. 



    1. Setup


    Go to RaceJoy Tab, Setup



    2. Enable the course routes/ events for RaceJoy 

  • Select all Race Anywhere distance options using RaceJoy.
  • If event options are not appearing here, you will need to add these to event wizard page. See Page Two of this guide. 


    3. Select Enable RaceDay Results, if you plan on issuing Virtual Results or delivering results in RaceJoy.

In order for this to function, you will need to setup the Virtual Results, Automatic Bib Assignments, and ensure bib numbers are sent to participants. See page 3 of this guide. 

    4. Click Save & Continue

RaceJoy :: Timer Purchase


    1. Select Purchase Tab, and  Select Purchase RaceJoy.




    2. Enter in the distance and expected number of registrants.


    3. Select Invoice Me.

The system will automatically adjust the invoice for RaceJoy Certified timers. 

    4. Enter your certification name and email address. 

Make sure to use the email associated with your certification.


    5. Select Purchase RaceJoy.

The system will automatically adjust the invoice for Certified Timers.

Must have current RaceDay Suite License for invoice adjustment. 

RaceJoy:: Virtual “Course” SETUP


    1. Set Course Type

Go to Course Setup and Adjust Course Processing Type Adjust Course Processing Type for any Race Anywhere virtual courses. These are location independent and do not have a set course path. The Standard types are using defined course paths. 


    2. Adjust in-App Event Order (Optional)

If you have multiple events, click and drag event name to adjust the order the events will appear in the app. 

    3. Click Event Name to Complete Setup 

Click on event name to load/adjust map configurations and geo-based or distance-based cheers. 



    1. Import Map and Generate Mile Markers: 


     > Select Map

    > Load My Course Map


Import Course Map: Import the electronic path file.

> Select Actions->Import Map Path

> Browse or Drop File into Prompt Window

> Select Generate using the default of One Mile per Marker




    2. Verify Course Accuracy: 

    Adjust as needed. 

    >Verify that the location of the start, finish and mile markers line up with the location shown on the map and with any on site signage. 


Important: GPS plotted courses may vary from the actual geographic locations of the markers.  

    3. Adjust for Trouble Spots: 

Review the Course for Proximity and Out & Back Path Issues. See page 9 for how to overcome these issues. 


    4.    Complete the Timing Configuration Setup for the course.

  • Use Autofill Distances.
  • Enter the Certified FINISH Distance.
  • Enter the distance for any intermediate markers.
  • Adjust Point Radius for any markers having Proximity Issue.
  • Insure Progress Alert and Audio Pace Settings are correct for all timing locations. Intermediate markers are usually OFF.
  • Save Timing Configuration.


    5. Save Map.


    6. Review the Map Preview and Certify the Map

NOTE:  Preview will show the map seen in mobile app and on race registration page. Once ALL courses enabled for RaceJoy are set to the Certified State then the event will be live in RaceJoy.


You must click Certify Map for all courses for the event to go live in RaceJoy. 

RaceJoy:: Geo-Based & Distance-Based Cheer Setup (Optional)



  • No commercials or straight advertising is permitted. 
  • Files are to be no longer than 30 seconds (10 to 20 seconds is preferred). 

Please be selective in your audio files and take into consideration the participant is usually playing music and may turn off RaceJoy and become frustrated if overwhelmed with audio alerts. 

The RaceJoy staff reserves the right to pull excessive, advertising, or offensive audio files. 

Defined Course Map Geo Cheers:  >>Watch how-to video here. 

Race Anywhere Distance-Based Cheers:

    1. Click on the Race Anywhere Event Name

From the Course options page, click on the Race Anywhere event you would like to adjust. 

    2. Click Add Cheer

Click the Add Cheer button on the chosen distance for the audio file to play. 


    3. Load Audio File


You have the following options:

  1. Load a custom recorded file in MP3 format.
  2. Select a pre-loaded sound file
  3. Type custom message to be played using text-to-speech technology
  4. Combine A or B with C. 

    4. Click Save on Cheer Settings Pop Up Box

    5. Click Save on Adjust Course Page

Watch Load Cheer How-To Here