Upload Preformatted Results

Modified on 06 April

Uploading Results

RunSignup gives you the option to upload results either from a CSV file, which will offer the highest level of convenience and functionality for users, or from a preformatted results list, such as one that is posted on a separate website, or one that exists in an HTML, PDF, or text file.

While it is recommended that you use the “Upload Individual Results” option and import a CSV (“How to Upload Individual Results”), if you must upload a preformatted list, then start by going RaceDay Tools > Results > Upload Preformatted Results (PDF, HTML, TXT, Link)

Uploading Preformatted Results

To begin, type in the year of the results you are uploading into the "Results Year" field, and a Description into the "Results Description" field. 

Once you have added a Results Year and Description, you will need to decide if you are uploading a File from your Computer, or if you are uploading results from an existing website.

Results from a File

 If you are going to be uploading a PDF, HTML, or plain text file with the results, then click on “Choose File”, and find the results you wish to add.

 Note: Uploading a plain text file or a PDF is recommended over using HTML for gathering results, because both of these methods are more likely to preserve the correct formatting when uploading.

Results from a Website

 If the results are posted on a separate website, then enter in the web address where the results are located. Below that, a check box will allow you to indicate whether you want RunSignup to process the link and store it on our site. If checked, we will download and process the HTML from the website provided, and save it on our servers for viewing on RunSignup. If left unchecked, we will link directly to the results website provided. 

To upload more preformatted results from that year, simply click on “Add Another File or Link”, and repeat the process.

File Conversion

 Below the upload section, you can find information and options for how the files will be converted. For the most part, the output file format is limited to the default option, but in the case of HTML conversions, users have a choice between viewing the results as “Sanitized HTML” or a “PDF”.

 Note: Converting HTML to a “PDF” is the default selection, because this option is typically quicker and more closely resembles your original formatting.

When you are finished, remember to click “Save Results”.

Viewing Results

 To view the newly created results, hit the button for “view race page”, and you will find that under the “results” tab, you can open up the lists you just saved.

Note: Preformatted results pages will show beneath the "Participant Lookup & Tracking" link in the Results Set dropdown:

Arranging/Removing Current Lists

If you return to the “Preformatted Results File or External Results Link” section, you will notice that you can rearrange the current lists of results by using the up and down arrows. You can also delete any unnecessary lists by using the red “X”.  If you do make changes, make sure to click “save results” at the bottom of the page.


RunSignup Recommendation

For the purpose of functionality, and the convenience of your runners, it is recommended that you upload your results in the form of a CSV, rather than a preformatted list. To find out how to upload results via a CSV file, please refer to the section for “How to Upload Individual Results