Submit and Manage Virtual Results

If the virtual race you are participating in has results enabled, you can submit and manage your own results. You can do this directly from the RunSignup Race Page or from your RunSignup profile. During registration, you will be asked to sign up for text messages or email which will allow you to submit your finish time. 

Submit from RunSignup Race Page

Navigate to the race's RunSignup race page > and select the Result tab > then select Submit Virtual Results

Next search for your registration either by first and last name or by email address and DOB. 

Once you have found your registration select Submit Virtual Results > Enter in your time > then select Submit Results

Submit Virtual Results From Your RunSignup Profile

Navigate to your RunSignup profile by selecting the Profile Icon at the top right hand corner

Under your Upcoming Events > Select Submit Virtual Results > Enter in your Time > select Submit Time

To ensure that all messages are sent at an appropriate time of day for you, you will also be asked for your timezone. 

Submit TXT Results

First you will need to opt in to TXT results, which you can do either during or after the registration process.

During the Registration Process:

Select Sign up for text messages and enter a valid cell phone number.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text message with a URL providing details and instructions for submitting your results, as well as an option to unsubscribe

You will receive another text message with the keyword, bib number and format for texting in your results. 

After the Registration Process:

You can go to your Profile > Manage Registration > Virtual Race, and then select Contact Info:

Here you can Sign Up for Text Messages and enter in your Mobile Phone Number.  You can also Select Your Timezone, and Save Contact Info.

Texting in Your Results:

To submit your results, reply to the text message (or text 49514) with the Keyword, your bib number and your finish time. If successful, you will receive a confirmation that your time has been submitted

To change your virtual time, simply reply to the text message (or text 49514) with the keyword, your bib number and your updated finish time. 

**If you enter a time that is below the minimum or above the maximum time, you will receive an error text message**

**If you unsubscribe from RunSignup Text Notifications, you can resubscribe by replying (or texting 49514) with START**

Submit Email Results

If you would rather receive notifications and send results via email, you can choose to sign up for email notifications by entering your preferred email address.

You will receive an email, separate from your confirmation, that contains a link with details for submitting your results.

You will also receive a separate email with a direct link to post your results.

Manage Virtual Results

You can submit and manage your virtual results directly from your RunSignup account. To do this, log in to your RunSignup account and select Manage Registration

On the footer of the page, select Virtual Race

You will then be taken to a page where you can submit or update your results or change your contact info