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Modified on 11 September

Finding the Results Page       

Many races will chose to host their results on RunSignup. When results are uploaded to a Race's website, you will see a tab in the menu for "Results". Please note that the menu order can be different if this Race has decided to customize their layout.


Hey! I don't see that option.

If you do not see a "Results" tab for the race that you're looking for results for then it means that this Race has not uploaded results to RunSignup, in which case you would need to reach out to them directly to see if they are hosting their results elsewhere, or to find out when they plan on uploading results. 

If you do not see this tab and would like to contact this Race, simply scroll down the page to the Race Contact Info section and click the Questions? button and fill out the form with your inquiry.

Navigating the Results Page

Changing Years, Events, and Divisions

You can use the three dropdowns at the top of the page to change what set of results you are viewing.


The first dropdown on the left is to select which year of this race you would like to view results for.


Result Sets

The next dropdown to the right of the Year dropdown is to select which "Results Set" you would like to view within the year of results that you have selected. A Results Set can be anything from different distances, to team standings, or other standings that this Race has decided to upload.



To the right of the Results Set drop down you'll find an additional dropdown. This will let you filter this year's Results Set down by specified Divisions provided by this Race. Most of this Divisions are groups of age ranges. 


Searching through Results

You can use the search box to filter the Results Set you are viewing by typing in a name, bib number, or town name.


When you enter in a search term and click the search icon you will see it applied below. If you would like to remove a search term you can do so by using the "X" next to it.


Viewing Results

You can scroll through each page of results, and use the Previous and Nextbuttons at the bottom of the page to navigate between pages. Additionally you can use the Page selection field to jump to a specific page

Within the table you can click a row to jump to the details for a specific participant's results.