Use Results and Live Leaderboard Links

Modified on 29 June

Results Links

The next section of the Results Settings page is a table of links that gives you the ability to display your races results in a few different ways. This allows race directors to easily copy and paste these links into the computers that they are using to display the results, or email the links to whoever is setting up the results stations.


Results Kiosk

This results view presents the data as a search function. This is most primarily used for results kiosks at the race site where a participant only wants to see their results without having to sort through pages and pages of other times.

The participant is able to lookup their time by bib number, first name, or last name.

Once the participant has found their name the kiosk will bring up their times, page, and places, including any split times.


This view also gives you the option to change to the Main Results Page view by clicking the Browse Results button at the bottom of the page.

Main Results Page

The Main Results Page is a link to the page that will show on your race page when you click the Results tab.

This is the main results page with links to the full listing of results and the individual participant lookup which allows the most amount of customization.

You can filter the result data by Gender, Country, and State by using the Filter Icon:

You can edit the column headers by clicking the Edit Columns button.

This will turn the column headers into editable fields so that you can change the name of them, or hide them completely by checking the Hide box.

Once you’ve customized your column headers be sure to click the Save Changes above.

This view also lets you easily reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them to wherever you want them to go. Just click and drag from the dark blue area around any column header field.

You can edit existing results by using the Edit icon in a result row.

You can delete individual results by using the X icon next to the Edit icon.

You can add results by using the plus icon.

Below the search section you’ll find the results listed. At the bottom of the results there are options to skip to a certain page, or show more pages. 

Below that you can add a result in if you need to make a correction, and there’s also a link at the very bottom to show division results.

Participant Lookup & Tracking

The Participant Lookup & Tracking link is exactly the same as the Results Kiosk link, but it is shown in the full desktop view instead of the simple kiosk view.

Bib Results Lookup Kiosk

The Bib Results Lookup Kiosk is an even more simplified version of the Results Kiosk link. In this view, participants are only able to look up by their bib number.

Live Leaderboard Links

Below are the links to set up live leaderboards when doing real-time results. You can use these on big-screen TVs or on a laptop or tablet so an announcer can call out the participants that just finished. You MUST replace the placeholders in the URL (e.g. <Result-Set-ID>).

Recent Finishers

The Recent Finishers link will give you a results page that is being updated with the most recent finishers at the top. This is most useful to be used with an announcer so that they can call out the names of the finishers as they come in.

If you click the gear in the upper right corner, you can change the settings of the link.

Overall Finishers

This link is the same format as the Recent Finishers link, but will automatically scroll through all finishers in place order. You can customize it in the same way you do the Recent Finishers.

Overall Finishers by Range

This link is the same format as the Overall Finishers link, but you can program in a range of finishers so that you can easily setup multiple displays showing different ranges of finishers. You can also customize it in the same way you do the Recent Finishers.