Publishing Results

Modified on 21 November

Prerequisites: In order to publish results, it is essential that all data within Race Director first be uploaded to RunSignUp.

Publishing results is as simple as clicking the "Publish Live Results" button found on the bottom right hand corner of Race Director:

Publish Results

When publishing there are two methods:

  • Auto After Import: Upon importing results from your chip system, the publishing routine will automatically begin.
  • Manual: Manual allows you to first check over the results and publish at your discretion.

It's important to remember that once Race Director publishes results to RunSignUp the notification will be sent out (if the participant signed up for one), therefore it is recommended that you use manual mode for multi division/wave race.


Next let's look at the "Settings" screen.

Race Director Settings

Flag Results as Preliminary: When checked, RunSignUp will display "Preliminary Results" on your race's result page.

Results Data:

  • -Incremental: When selected, Race Director will only upload those that have come in since the last publish.
  • -Full Refresh: When selected, Race Director will re-publish all results.

Please note: if any changes are made to the results, a full refresh will be required in order to show the appended results.

Age Groups

All age groups contained within your Race Director race will be uploaded to RunSignUp at the time of publishing results. Similarly, if you race has top finishers; Race Director will also factor these Age Bands into your race.

Accessing Results

The results URL may easily accessed at any time through Tailor > Options > Partner Integration.