Live Mode

Modified on 21 November


- An Internet connection is required as each entry will be uploaded to the internet prior to moving onto the next.

- All pre-registration data must first be uploaded to the internet (assuming you'll be using Live Mode for race day entries/changes only).

- It is strongly recomended that you do not have "Auto Increment Bib Number" turned on when using Live Mode.

Getting Started

To enable Live Mode, let's go to Tailor > Options > Partner Set-Up:

Live Mode

3 Ways to Utilize Live Mode

Update > Participants (Adds):

Add Participants

Upon Clicking "Add", notice the notification on the bottom status bar of Race Director:

Add Confirmed

This participant is now in RunSignUp, thereby bypassing the need to manually upload them through Race Director.

Update Participants (Changes):

Update Participants

Now let's say this participant wanted to change divisions (in this case from the 5 Mile > 10 Mile). In Race Director we'll change it just as we always do. When we click "Change", we now get this message;

Update Confirmed

Enter Results > Chip Results:

Changes may also be made on the Enter > Chip Results > Edit Participant Screen:

Update Chip Results

Record has been updated and the change will appear in RunSignUp as well.

Chip Results Confirmed

Tip: When in doubt, you can still use the "Upload" screen to ensure all data is appropriately synchronized.