Volunteers are key to any successful event. The RunSignUp Volunteer Management System allows you to organize and communicate with your volunteers, all within the same dashboard you're already using. Curtis Vollmar will take you through the system, focusing on:

  • Setting up your Volunteer System
  • Communicating with your volunteers
  • Tracking volunteers with reporting
Watch the recording of RunSignUp 201 Webinar: Volunteer System

A few more resources with this webinar:

Volunteer Communication Capabilities

A few notes on questions asked throughout the webinar:

  • There is not a specific giveaway setup (with inventory) like the one in registration; you can setup giveaway options (shirt sizes, etc) as a custom question for volunteers and run a report to tally your numbers.
  • Volunteer Questions can take the same formats as those in registration (Free Form, Check Box, Radio Button, Select Menu, Yes/No, or Time)
  • The Volunteer System is free to use for anyone; however, a race that is not using registration and does not have a payment account setup cannot send emails from the system (this is to prevent spam emailers)
  • There are 2 options for volunteer tasks that you want to be invitation only (i.e., held for a specific group):
    1. Enter a password for that task (the task will be seen by everyone, but will require a password to sign up for it)
    2. Uncheck the "Make volunteer task public" option so that it is not seen by the public, and import the volunteers manually from a list.
  • The Volunteer Waiver is separate from the registration waiver, and can be edited from the bottom of the page at Dashboard >>> Volunteers >>> Setup
  • There is a widget for the volunteer signup so that you can add it directly to your existing website
Watch the recording of RunSignUp 201 Webinar: Volunteer System

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