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Welcome to another installment of RunSignUp’s Endurance Event Education Series: RunSignUp 201: Donations & Fundraising. We hope you find the time spent valuable and productive!

You can view the recording here: RunSignUp 201: Donations & Fundraising

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As a recap and reference guide, here are the quick paths to finding some of the Donations & Fundraising settings:

To Setup Donations:
 Donations >> Setup
Customize your donation page by adding a description, donation levels, fundraiser settings, and much more under the Display Settings section.

Best Practice:
- We encourage continuing to accept donations for a week or two after your race (rather than closing them on race day) to encourage runners who are inspired at your event to go home and donate.
- To encourage donations, set custom donation levels (you can even name them creatively to tie to the theme of your event).

Donation Display Settings:
This is at the bottom of the Donations >> Setup page.

Setup a Charity:
 Donations >> Charities
Create a charity card on the donation page along with an image, links, and description. This allows the charity to receive donations directly without the race having to cut them a check after the race.

Note: There is a setting to check (below the charity description) if you want to force the charity payment information to be setup prior to collecting donations.

Direct Payment to Charities

Donations & Fundraising

Offline Donations:
Donations >> Manual
Allows the race or charity to tally both their offline and online donations in one place to help get that goal thermometer filled!

Customizing Donation Emails:
Race >> Notifications >> General Settings
Also under the Display Settings of Donations >> Setup
Best Practice: personalize your confirmation emails to let donors and fundraisers know how special they are to your event!

Link: Become a Fundraiser How-To:
Helpful guide for fundraisers that will walk them through the process if needed

Customize Donation Processing Fees:
Financial >> Pricing >> Processing Fee Type

We are continuing to improve Donations & Fundraising! Keep an eye on our blog for updates and new capabilities! 

Thanks for joining us!