Customize Social Sharing Messages

Modified on 15 August


RunSignup easily allows your participants to share news of their registration with friends. This feature can be a driving cause for bringing more registrants to your race.

To customize the social sharing settings go to the dashboard and click Promotion >> Social Sharing.

On the social sharing page, the settings are separated according to event. Please note that if a registration has multiple events, only messages for the first event will be used. 

Under each of the events, you can customize any of the various share messages. To use the default text for any messages with the defaults included, simply leave the text field blank.

Registration Confirmation Share Heading:

This will show above the message in the pop-up that registrants receive after completing their registration. 

This field cannot be left blank. This should be a quick call to action to let your registrants know what they should do next.

Registration Confirmation Share Message:

This will show within the confirmation pop-up message and allows you to give more details about the call to action that you included in the heading.

Registration Confirmation Coupon Message:

If you have enabled automatic coupons at checkout, this text will be included in the popup to registrants after completing their registration. You must use the %COUPON% tag in your custom message so we can fill in the coupon code. 

If you don't have automatic coupons enabled, you can ignore this section.

Here is what the confirmation pop-up will look like for your registrants:

Due to Facebook changes, this section no longer works as intended. You will want to use the social sharing description and image options at the bottom of the page for this instead.

Due to Facebook changes, this section no longer works. If referral tracking is enabled, the referral link will still work if someone clicks on the registrant's shared Facebook post.

Registration Confirmation Email Referral Code Message

This is the message that will show in the confirmation email when a registration has an associated referral code. The referral link will be placed on a line just below this message.

An example might be “We encourage you to invite friends to register as well. It's simple! Just send them this link.”

If you are creating your own custom message, you will need to use the replacement tag %REFERRAL_LINK% to save this.

It will look like this in the participant confirmation email:

Social Sharing Description

This is the description that will show when your race website link is shared across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

A default message is given, to customize this enter your own message into the blank box and save.

Small Share Image

You can set both the small share image and the large share image for Facebook sharing of your RunSignup race link. 

You can do this by clicking on the Browse button and selecting the correct image or drag and dropping the image from your desktop:

The small social sharing image requires a minimum size of 200px x 200px, and a maximum size of 599px x 599px.

We recommend an aspect ratio of 1:1 on the small social sharing image for the best display.

If you do not have a large share image set, then the small share image will be used in all cases when people are sharing your race link on facebook 

Large Share Image

The large social sharing image requires a minimum size of 1,200px x 630px, and a maximum size of 4,096px x 4,096px.

We recommend an aspect ratio of 1.9:1 on the large social sharing image for the best display.

If you have the large share image uploaded, this will be the main image used when your link is shared on Facebook because it gives your race the most visibility. If you would like for your Facebook share image to always be the smaller image when shared from the registration confirmation page, then you can check off the box for using smaller image for Facebook post from the registration confirmation page: