View/Test Your Race Website

Modified on 06 March

View/Test Your Race Website

After editing any feature on your race page, you should always view and test out this feature to make sure it is functioning as you had intended.

While you are going through the race dashboard and customizing your race page, it is important that you continually view these changes on your race page. This will allow you to make sure that the changes you have saved on the dashboard are appearing as you intended on the public race page.

No matter what page you are on on the race dashboard, you will always be given the option to view the race website by clicking the view website button:

By clicking on this link, your race website will be opened up to the main page in a new tab:

You can then verify that the changes you made are showing as you intended.

For example, if you have setup group pricing, you should do a test registration for your race that uses group pricing. This will allow you to check that the group pricing is working correctly. 

Note: If you are testing a feature that appears after the registration process, such as social sharing messages, then you can go to Financial >> Pricing >> Coupons to add a coupon code for 100% off to register for free to view the features without paying. This is a unique code only you know. 

This coupon code will be applied on the last page of registration to the checkout cart:

After viewing these changes, you will want to remove your test registration. You can clear the registration within 15 minutes if you have not closed the window or remove the registration from your race dashboard. This is done by going to Participants >> View Participants >> Manage >> remove registration.