Set Up Auto Generated Coupon Codes

Modified on 17 March

Setup Your Auto-Generated Coupon Codes

RunSignup allows Race Directors to automatically create a limited-time coupon whenever a participant registers. This is done by assigning subcodes to an existing coupon code. The generated subcodes have their own expiration dates which will override the existing coupon. 

To begin creating your auto-generated coupon codes, you will first need to have created a regular base coupon code. You can learn how to create coupon codes here.

Note When Creating your Base Coupon Code: Do not fill out the field for Limit to __ Total Uses if you are using this code as the base code for your auto-generated coupon codes. 

Once you have your base coupon code created, from your race dashboard select Promotion > Referral Tracking > Auto-Generated Coupon Codes

You will first check on which event you would like auto-generated coupons to be created for.

Next, type in the base coupon code you created. Then, type in the subcode prefix. Lastly, set the number of hours the auto-generated coupon code will be valid for.

Receiving the Auto-Generated Coupon Code

Once a participant registers, a message will appear that will inform participants of the auto-generated code that they can share with friends and family members, let them know the discount amount, and how long the code will be valid for.