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Modified on 10 March

How to Search for Coupon Codes

If you are a race director whose race contains hundreds if not thousands of coupon codes, then this section will teach you how to easily narrow down your coupon code list with RunSignUp's convenient 'Search' option.

Searching Coupon Codes

For some races, you may find that you need to create hundreds if not thousands of coupon codes.If this describes your current coupon code situation, then you most likely will not want to manually go through and read each coupon code’s details until you find the one you are looking for.

This is why RunSignUp allows you to easily narrow down your coupon code list by going to Financial > Pricing > Coupons > Search

Search Parameters

Upon opening the “Search” option, the first field you will be able to search by in the “Coupon” itself. This will be very useful to you if a registrant would like to find out information on their specific coupon code, such as whether it is past its expiration date, or if it has any usage restrictions.


The following two check boxes allow you to search for coupon codes by showing only “Available” or “Non-Expired” codes.By checking off “Show only Available Coupons”, you can limit the search to coupon codes that are currently within the eligibility dates.

This will include all used and unused coupons that have currently passed their start date, but have not yet reached their end date.By checking off “Show only Non-Expired Coupons”, you can limit the search to coupon codes that are currently not past their expiration date.This will include all coupons that have not yet expired, regardless of whether they have passed their start date yet.

You can also search for coupon codes by their creation date, start date, or expiration date.Creation dates can be searched by “Coupon Created On or After” and/or “Coupon Created On or Before”, and the start and end dates can be search by “On or After” and/or “On or Before”.

If you have included a tag in any of your coupons, you can also search results can also be narrowed down by “Tag”. Tags can be searched one at a time from the drop down menu, and more information on tag creation can be found in the “Coupon Tags” subsection of “How to Add a Coupon Code”.

Once you have all of the parameters entered in that you would like to search by, click on the “Search” button, and the table below will show only the results that match those terms.

Managing Tags

Under the “Tag” search field, you will be able to “Manage Tags” by clicking on the link.Here you can either “Edit” the name of the tag across all coupon codes using it, or you can “Delete” a tag from all coupon codes using it.

Note: Deleting tags will not delete the coupon code itself.The coupon code will remain without that tag.