How to Add Coupons

Coupon codes allow you to offer discounted pricing on transactions pertaining to registration, add-ons and store purchases, or all of these at once. This tutorial will teach you how to set up coupons to cover certain amounts (ex: $10.00) or percentages (ex: 25%) of a transaction, and apply restrictions upon their usage options.


Coupon codes allow you to offer discounted pricing on transactions pertaining to registration, add-ons and store purchases, or all of these at once.They can be set up to cover certain amounts (ex: $10.00) or percentages (ex: 25%) of a transaction, and restrictions can be placed upon their usage options.In order to set up coupon codes, make your way to the “Financial” tab of the race dashboard, and open up the sub-heading for “Pricing” and select “Coupons”.


Add Coupon Button

Once under the “Coupons” subheading, you will find a button for “Add Coupon”.By clicking here, the coupon code creation box will be opened up for you.

Manually Entering Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Manual

First, create the actual “Coupon Code” code.This can be something as simple as “FreeRace” or “HalfOffEverything”, or something more secure, such as a random grouping of letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens.To manually add multiple coupon codes that will be eligible for the same discount, then separate each new coupon code with a comma, and do not include spaces.

Note: Characters other than letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens will not be accepted for coupon codes.

Uploading Coupon Codes

In addition to, or as an alternative to manually entering in the coupon codes, they can also be uploaded from a text file as well.In order to do this, go to the “Upload Text File” section, click on the “Choose File” button, and select the text file of coupon codes that you would like to upload.

Coupon Code Upload


IMPORTANT: Text files are the only type of files that are acceptable for uploading coupon codes.These text files should only include coupon codes (no headers or excess information), and each coupon code should be listed on a separate line.

Coupon Discount Settings

Coupon codes can be set up to offer a fixed discount, a discount percentage, or both. If you would like to offer a fixed discount, such as $5.00 or $10.00 off, then use the dollar amount field to set your desired fixed discount amount. If you would like to set up a discount percentage, such as 25% or 50% off, then use the percentage field to indicate the specific discount percentage you would like that coupon to offer. If you would like to offer both a fixed discount and a discount percentage, for instance $10.00 off and a 50% discount, then enter in each field accordingly.

Percent and Dollar


Note: In cases where both a fixed discount and a discount percentage are enabled, the fixed discount will be applied first, and the discount percentage will be calculated after. For instance, if a $10.00 fixed discount coupled with a 50% discount percentage were applied to a $100.00 transaction, then the coupon code would make the transaction $45.00, because 50% of $90.00 is $45.00.


Discount Type

After you have the discount amount entered in, decide on what type of discount this coupon will offer.You can make it an “Overall Discount”, which will be applied to the entire transaction. You can make it a “Discount per Registrant”, which will be applied to each registrant’s fee separately.Or you can make it a “Discount per Registrant per Event”, which will be applied to each event’s registration fee separately, for each registrant who signs up.

Coupon Eligibility Dates

The “Coupon Starts” date is automatically defaulted to the date on which you are creating the coupon code; however, this field can be edited to have the coupon start on a specific date if necessary.You are also given the option to set an expiration date for coupon codes by entering it into the “Coupon Expires” field.If your coupon code does not have an expiration date, then you can leave this field blank.

Coupon Window

Coupon Tags

The coupon “Tags” are for your own personal convenience as the race director, and will help assist you in searching for specific coupons later, if necessary.“Tags” can be created for search terms such as “half”, “25%”, “dolphin”, etcetera, and pressing the spacebar or entering a comma will allow you to create a new “Tag”.“Tags” can be also be deleted at any time by clicking on the corresponding “X”.



After “Tags” are created, they can also be edited across the entire list of coupon codes.To learn more about this feature, please refer to the “Managing Tags” subsection of “How to Search Coupon Codes”.

Coupon Usage Settings

Coupon Applies To

In the “Coupon Applies To” section, you will need to check off which transactions on RunSignUp you would like your code or codes to be valid for.By checking off only “Race Registration Fees”, you allow all users with that code to have its discount applied solely to their registration costs.By checking off only “Race Add-ons & Store Purchases”, you allow all users with that code to have its discount applied solely to the cost of their add-ons and store purchases.If you select both “Race Registration Fees” and “Race Add-ons & Store Purchases”, then the entirety of the user’s transaction will be covered by the coupon code.


Coupon codes can also be customized so that they are only valid for a specific event or events.When you turn on this setting, you will be able to select which event or events you would like the code to apply to.

IMPORTANT: In order for this setting to work, the “Race Registration Fees” box will need to be checked as well.

Coupon Restrictions

There are currently 5 options available for you to restrict your coupons:

  1. New Customers Only - You can set up coupon codes that are specifically for use by new users to RunSignUp by checking this.
  2. Cart must be $__.__ or more - You can create coupon codes that stipulate a minimum balance needed in order to redeem a discount by entering in this field.
  3. Limit to __ transactions for a single user - You can limit the number of times a single user can use a coupon code, while not limiting the number of registrants involved with their transaction.
  4. Limit to __ total uses - You can limit the number of times a coupon code can be used by any variation of customers, whether they are reoccurring or otherwise.
  5. Limit to __ total registrants - For coupon codes applied to the “Race Registration Fees”, you can set a limit for the maximum number of registrants who can be registered using that coupon code by filling out this field.



Sharing Coupons across Multiple Races

Coupon codes can be shared with other races that you have created by checking off the desired races from the list provided. The “Check All” button will automatically select all available races for you, and the “Uncheck All” button will deselect any selected races if necessary.

Multiple Coupons


IMPORTANT: If you are limiting coupon codes by event, then you will need to edit this coupon for each shared race to set the applicable events.

The settings and any changes made to a shared coupon will apply across all of the selected races, and if a race is unchecked from the list, then the coupon code or codes will be removed from that race.

Note: If you are limiting coupon codes by event, and have already gone through and selected the applicable events for each race, then these settings will not be overwritten if you go back into the coupon code and make changes.


Once you are ready to create/edit your coupon code, click on “Save Coupon”, and a pop up box will let you know that your coupon was successfully saved. At this point, you will be able to search for specific coupon codes, manage coupon codes, view individual coupon code usage details, and view coupon code reports.

Save Coupon