Set Up Referral Tracking

Modified on 19 February

This tutorial will explain how you can quickly and easily enable referral tracking as well as set up automatic referral code generation and turn on widget viewing.

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One of the key factors that play into increasing race participation is referrals.With registrants convincing friends to sign up with them, running stores or clubs spotlighting your race in newsletters, or other organizations featuring your race on their website, referrals help to spread the word about your race day, and help drive up participation.

To encourage race promotion even more, RunSignUp allows you to enable referral tracking, which you can use to create friendly competitions between race referrers.

Referral Tracking

Under the “Social” tab of the race dashboard, you will find a section labeled “Referral Tracking”.In this section, you will be given two options; you can either select “Set up Referral Tracking” or “Manage Referral Codes”.In order to enable or disable referral tracking, you will want to click on the header for “Set up Referral Tracking”.

Referral Tracking Options

Referral Tracking Options allows referral codes for Facebook, Twitter, and other shared links to be automatically generated. This by default is turned on when you switch on Allow Referral Tracking. This will allow you to generate codes for participating members either manually, automatically, or both, and you can track the number of registrations from each member (as is explained in the section labeled “How to Manage Referral Codes”).

Assign Referral Codes to Current Participants

If you enable referral tracking after participants have already registered, you can still assign those participants a referral code. To do this select Advanced Options > Click Here

Referral Refunds

You can offer automatic refunds to participants when others register based on their referral code. If enabled, we will set the race refund reserve to hold at least 10 times the max refund amount.

We highly discourage changing these refund settings after registration has opened. Doing so can result in duplicate or skipped refunds. Refunds will only be issued for registrations where a new referred registration is completed after refunds have been set up.

You can set referral refunds to apply to registrations before a certain date and time

Referral Refunds Setup

Begin by selecting Create Your First Refund > then fill in the necessary information that you would like your refund settings to be. For example if you would like participants to receive a $20 refund after they refer 4 friends your setting will be the following:

Next you will want to ensure your registration balance. Registration balance ensures that the remaining creditable amount of a registration after the refund is this much. This is useful to not discount too much if the original registration use a coupon or some other discount. The creditable amount does not include the original processing fee paid by the registrant. Note that extra giveaway costs, add-on purchases, etc. are included in the creditable amount. If a registration purchased $15 in add-ons and you set this field to $10, you could potentially refund $5 worth of add-ons. 

You can also set refunds to not include Add-On purchases amount in registration balance.

Top Referrers Widget

If at any point you would like to embed the RunSignUp Top Referrers Widget, then you will need to check off the “Enable Top Referrers Widget”. More information on the Top Referrers Widget can be found in the section “How to Embed the Top Referrers Widget”.

If you have made any changes to the options on this page, then make sure you click “Save Settings” in order for them to go into effect.

If, for any reason, you need to disable referral codes entirely, simple remove the check from the “Allow Referral Tracking” box.