This tutorial will explain how you can quickly and easily enable referral tracking as well as set up automatic referral code generation and turn on widget viewing.

RunSignUp and Google Analytics (Part One)

RunSignUp and Google Analytics (Part Two)

RunSignUp and Google Analytics (Part Three)


One of the key factors that play into increasing race participation is referrals.With registrants convincing friends to sign up with them, running stores or clubs spotlighting your race in newsletters, or other organizations featuring your race on their website, referrals help to spread the word about your race day, and help drive up participation.

Setup Referral Tracking

To encourage race promotion even more, RunSignUp allows you to enable referral tracking, which you can use to create friendly competitions between race referrers.

Referral Tracking

Under the “Social” tab of the race dashboard, you will find a section labeled “Referral Tracking”.In this section, you will be given two options; you can either select “Set up Referral Tracking” or “Manage Referral Codes”.In order to enable or disable referral tracking, you will want to click on the header for “Set up Referral Tracking”.

Allow Referral Tracking

Set Up Referral Tracking

In the “Set up Referral Tracking” section, you will be able to enable referral tracking for your race by checking off the box next to “Allow Referral Tracking”.This will allow you to generate codes for participating members either manually, automatically, or both, and you can track the number of registrations from each member (as is explained in the section labeled “How to Manage Referral Codes”).

Referral Options

Below that, in the “Referral Options” section, you can set up your race so that a unique referral code is automatically created for each of the individuals registering into your race.If you check off the box next to “Automatically set up referral codes for Facebook, Twitter, and other shared links”, then all Facebook and Twitter share links on the registration confirmation page will also be updated to include the registered participant’s referral code.

Note: In instances where two or more registrants are signing up together, the referral code will be made in the name of the registrant listed first.Also, users who registered before this box was checked will not have a unique referral code created for them automatically.However, as the race director, you can create referral codes for anyone (as is explained in the section labeled “How to Manage Referral Codes”).

Also in the “Referral Options” section, if at any point you would like to embed the RunSignUp “Top Referrers Widget”, then you will need to check off the “Enable Top Referrers Widget”.More information on the “Top Referrers Widget” can be found in the section “How to Embed the Top Referrers Widget”.

Save SettingsIf you have made any changes to the options on this page, then make sure you click “Save Settings” in order for them to go into effect.

Disabling Referral Codes

If, for any reason, you need to disable referral codes entirely, simple remove the check from the “Allow Referral Tracking” box.