Build Bib Labels

Modified on 19 April

Building Bib Labels

If you are using Avery 5160 labels for your race bibs, or a label of a similar size, then RunSignUp has a convenient way for you to create bib labels from your participant list.

To begin building bib labels for your race, start by going to the Race Day Tools tab of the race dashboard and click on the sub-heading for Bibs, then Build Bib labels. You can also access this feature by going to Participants > View Participants > Export Options > Build Bib Labels.

Label Content

The text box on the left hand side of the Build Bib Labels section will show you the basic setup for each of the bib labels.You can modify any of the information in the text box so that the label appears as you would like, and be sure to use question marks (?) to represent the varying fields (such as “first name”, “last name”, “gender”, etcetera).

For instance, the default is:

And will result in a label that looks like this:

See how the question marks are replaced dynamically with the information about your participants? This is because we have set the runner data for each of these question marks to pull in different information from the database.

Setting Runner Data

On the right hand side of the pop-up window, there is a second representation of the bib labels that will update in real time.In this version, any of the question marks (?) that you entered in will appear as drop-down menus, and you can then use to specify which type of runner data should be inputted there.The first drop-down menu corresponds to the first question mark, the second to the second, and so on.

Label Order

Once you have finished setting up your basic label structure, select the order in which you want the bib labels to be arranged from the dropdown menu.Labels can be listed according to bib number, by registration date/ID, or alphabetically by first or last name.

Adding a Data Field

In case you would like to add another data field to the bib labels that is not provided and set the drop down box, you can do so as shown below.

Additional Options

Output a full column before moving to the next column.

This setting will make the labels print in order down the first column first, then moving to the second column. By default the labels will print across the page first, then skip down to the next column.

For instance without this checked if I sort my labels by Bib Number this is how it will look:

And if I ran it with this setting enabled:

See how the Bib Numbers show in a different order? This is helpful if your bib labels fold back along the columns for easier and faster bib labeling. 

Include a barcode of the bib number.

This setting will include a barcode on your label for each participant.

Generate Labels

When you click on “Generate Labels”, a PDF will be created for all of the participants of your race.You can then save or print out the labels in the PDF.

Specific Labels

If you only need to print out a specific label, for instance, if a label ended up getting smudged or torn, then go back to the “Participant Reports” page and select the participant list again, enter that participant’s information into the “Search Participants” section, and click on the “Search” button.

The table found under the “Participants” section at the button of that page will show you the results of your search.And now, when you repeat the process for building bib labels, only the participant(s) who was searched for will have a bib label created for her/him.