Sync Interface for RunSignup Registrations with RACE RESULT Scoring

Modified on 01 February

RACE RESULT Configuration Per Event:

1. In RACE RESULT, give access to a special RunSignupInc user to sync data to your RACE RESULT event.  This is done for each RACE RESULT event that will have data synced.   Go to the Access Rights area in the RACE RESULT event and type in "RunSignupInc" user as shown below and Save Changes. 

2. Next in the Web Hooks area of Access Rights, add a Web Hook with the name PARTUPDATE with Web Hook URL:

This allows RunSignup to sync back participant changes made on the RACE RESULT side. 

RunSignup Configuration Per Race:

1. On the RunSignup Dashboard -> RaceDay Tools -> External Partners -> RACE RESULT enable RACE RESULT for the events you want participant data to sync to RACE RESULT.


2. Enter the RACE RESULT Event ID for the Event, the events you want to sync participant data for and then Save Changes.  Leave the Sync Blank BIBs setting off unless you are sure you want BIB number assignments to occur in RACE RESULT in "Highest Plus 1" order per RACE RESULT.  

3. The Reset Sync action is only there in the case you want to re-send all participant data to RACE RESULT.  The interface keeps track of last modified timestamps per participant registrations and changes are AUTOMATICALLY sent to RACE RESULT if any changes at RunSignup.  This is there only if you need to resend all the data to RACE RESULT due to an issue on the RACE RESULT setup.


4. Advanced Settings:  If the RACE RESULT "Additional Field" name needs to be adjusted, select Advanced Settings and you can control the name and default label for the RACE RESULT Additional Field to be created.  Please note, the labels can be adjusted on the RACE RESULT side after this occurs and we will not overwrite them during sync cycles.  In addition, Additional Field Names can be adjusted on the RACE RESULT side and on the next sync cycle we will adjust our mapping to these field names.

Bi-Directional Sync:

Once the setup steps are complete on both sides, the participants and all specific fields like questions and membership information (like USAT Membership Number) in RunSignup will be sent to RACE RESULT and those "additional fields" at RACE RESULT will be created.  We add the Registration ID field from RunSignup so we can keep track of things.  Team Name and Team BIB additional fields correspond to the RunSignup Group Name and Group BIB fields if the participant is in a RunSignup Group.

Continuous Syncing

The systems are continuously synced since RunSignup and RACE RESULT are both cloud based systems and the RaceJoy integration servers are also cloud based.  This obviously saves time and avoids confusion.  It also allows for capabilities like dynamic bib assignment and leaving race registration open even after the race has started.

Other Considerations

1. RACE RESULT requires a Bib Number.  Furthermore, the Bib Number is the unique ID field in RACE RESULT.  This limits things. for example the same bib can not be used for a participant who is doing both the 5K and Half Marathon in a RunSignup Race.  Work with your race directors to ensure unique Bib Number assignments across events in a RunSignup Race.

2. RunSignup recommends bib number assignment be completed in RunSignup.  There is a lot more flexibility in RunSignup and it works perfectly with the Checkin App.  If the "Sync Blank Bibs" configuration is enabled on the interface, then bibs are assigned in "Highest Plus 1" order at RACE RESULT and will get updated back to RunSignup.

3. RunSignup gets a Web Hook event when there is a change in RACE RESULT to a participant record.  The interface also supports "contest" changes on the RACE RESULT participant which results in an Event Transfer action at RunSignup.  NOTE:  Event Transfers at RunSignup result in a new registration record with the old registration record deleted.  Therefore an Event Transfer causes an update to the "RSUParticipantId" additional field value (RunSignup Reg ID) in RACE RESULT.


It looks like this solution works with online RACE RESULT events. If a timer is working offline using the RACE RESULT local web server, is the integration still possible?
The data syncs to the RACE RESULT cloud system. The local web server will get the data as you start the local web server.  Changes will NOT sync back to RunSignup.  Currently based on testing when the event is checked back in, RACE RESULT is not sending RunSignup Web Hook change alerts for any updated records. RACE RESULT could change this in a future update.

Is there any confirmation to the user when a sync occurs successfully (or unsuccessfully)?
On the RunSignup RACE RESULT dashboard under Additional Field Mapping, the last sync timestamp indicates when the last participant record change was sent to RACE RESULT.