RunSignUp makes it easy to donate to the charity associated with a race. This video shows the donation page we create for you with a goal thermometer and scrolling list of donors and how runners can donate.

RunSignUp allows you to set up a donation section within your race page, giving you the ability to enable fundraisers, fundraising teams, pledges, and waived event fees based on fundraising minimums.

Setup RunSignup Donations

To begin setting up donations for you race, make your way your race dashboard and select the tab marked  Donations > Setup > Basic Setup. Here you'll find your race donation setup. 

If you have not already turned on donations during the "Payment Details" step of the wizard, then you will receive a message stating that "Donations are currently disabled for this race.To accept donations, fill out the information below."

Under the "Select Donation Processor" heading, click on the "RunSignup" button, and the options for creating your donation page will be opened up.

Setting up the Donation Period

The first step in opening up donations for your race is to set the "Accept Donations Starting" date, as well as the "Accept Donations Until" date (the "Accept Donations Until" date can be left blank to allow the donation period to go on indefinitely) . Dates can be entered manually, by typing them in using the "mm/dd/yyyy" format, or you can use the calendar drop-down to select the appropriate date, and the information will automatically fill.

IMPORTANT: If you have renewed your race with a donation page, then before you open it to the public, you will most likely want to close out the previous donation period.To do this, check off "End Now" under the "Accept Donations Until" date, and then click "Save Donation Setup".

Next, you can use the "Description/Additional Information" box to enter in the text that you would like to appear on the donation page.

Goal and Display

If you would like to set an "Overall Goal" for your donation efforts, you can do so in the box provided.

You can also decide whether you would like to display a "Goal Thermometer" and/or "Show Scrolling List of Donors".


If you check off the box for "Allow donors to make pledges", then you can allow a donor to say they want to raise a certain amount of money towards a fundraiser for every mile completed.

IMPORTANT: As the race director, you will need to view the pledge reports and trigger notifications for donors to complete their donation after the race.

Donation Levels

"Donation Levels" give you the ability to create preset categories that donors can choose from when donating. For instance, a "Bronze" level donation may by "$10.00", while a "Silver" level donation is "$25.00", and a "Gold" level donation is "$50.00".

IMPORTANT: Even with preset donation levels, users will still be able to enter in their own donation amount.

To set up donation levels for your race, enter in your Donation Amount and name your Level > Add Donation Level to create another row and repeat this process until all donation levels have been setup. 

Donation levels can be deleted by clicking on the "X" in the last column of the row.

All donation levels will be sorted according to amount. Therefore, if you click "Add Donation Level", and enter in a $15.00 level after already having a $10.00 and $25.00 level, then the new level will appear between the $10.00 and $25.00 levels for the donator.


With the use of our fundraising tools, you can maximize your donations by allowing users to become fundraisers and create fundraising teams. By checking off "Allow users to become fundraisers", users will be able to sign up as a fundraiser regardless of whether or not they are registered for the race.

Additionally, you can check off the box for "Allow users to set up new fundraiser teams".Fundraiser teams are groupings of fundraisers, and each team can work towards a collective goal.

IMPORTANT: Donations are NOT made to a fundraiser team, but instead, to a fundraiser that makes up that team.To have a donation count towards a fundraiser team, your donators will need to donate to a fundraiser on that team.

If you disable fundraiser team creation after they are already set up, then the existing teams can still be joined, but no new teams can be created.

In the table below, you will find each event listed in a new row. Here you can decide, by event, whether you are going to require that "All participants must become a fundraiser" by checking off the box in that event’s "Require Fundraiser" column.

Waived Event Fee with Fundraising Minimum

With "Fundraising" enabled, you also have the ability to set up "Fundraising Minimums" that allow for "Waived Event Fees". This gives you a way to offer free registrations to users who have reached a specified fundraising goal.

The "Waived Event Fee Settings" table will be made up of one row for each of your events, which allows you to customize "Waived Event Fees" on an event by event basis. 

First, enter in the Fundraiser Minimum. This is the minimum amount of money that each registrant will need to agree to collect with their fundraiser, in order to earn a guaranteed entry or entries into the race.

Next, enter in the Donation Deadline date. This date will be displayed to all those claiming the "Waived Event Fee", to alert them as to when their "Fundraiser Minimum" needs to be met.

Finally, enter in the Number of Guaranteed Fundraiser Entries to indicate how many registrants that this "Fundraiser Minimum" will qualify for free entry into the race.

IMPORTANT: Using the "Fundraiser Minimums" to allow "Waived Event Fees" will essentially allow users to register for free, with the agreement that they will raise the specified "Fundraiser Minimum" amount by the "Donation Deadline".As the race director, you will have the ability to view the "Fundraiser Minimums Report", email fundraisers who have not yet met their goal, and delete registrations if necessary.For more information on this topic, please refer to "How to Manage Fundraiser Minimums".

Default Fundraiser Message

You can enter in a default message for new fundraisers.This message will auto-fill for all newly created fundraisers, and the person setting up the fundraiser will be able to edit or remove this text.

Offline Payment Instructions

In addition to accepting donations online through RunSignUp, you may also want to collect donations by mail or in person.If your race is offering offline payment options, then you can enter "Offline Payment Instructions" into the box provided.

Donate Tab Text

By default, the race page tab for donations will read "Donate" when enabled.However, if you want to change the text of the "Donate" tab on the race page, then you can enter your new text in the box provided.

Tax Deduction Rules

RunSignUp allows you to indicate tax deductions rules for both donations and registrations. By filling out the fields in this section, the tax deductible amounts for donors and registrants will be calculated on the site.

For donations, tax deductions can be calculated by percentage by entering the "Percent of Donation Amount that is Tax Deductable" into the box provided. For each event in your race, the specific amount of registration fee that is NOT tax deductible can be entered into the space provided. 

For example, if your event fee is $25.00, and you enter $15.00 into the space, then this will result in a tax deductible amount of $10.00.If a registrant used a coupon, or other such discount, and only paid $20.00, then their tax deductible amount will be $5.

IMPORTANT: If none of the event fee is tax deductible, leave the field blank (DO NOT ENTER ZERO).

Saving Your Setup

Once you have finished customizing the settings for your donation period, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Donation Setup".

Ending a Donation Period

If you have renewed your race with a donation page, then before you open it to the public, you will most likely want to close out the previous donation period.To do this, check off "End Now" under the "Accept Donations Until" date, and then click "Save Donation Setup".

Add Multiple Dedication Settings

To add multiple dedication settings, navigate to Donations/Fundraising >> Setup >> Basic Setup on your Race Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click to expand Display Settings.

Under the heading On Behalf of Options, you will be able to quickly add commonly used designations by clicking Use This next to the designation you would like to include. Alternatively, you can create your own by clicking Add Another at the bottom of the On Behalf Of Text table and entering your dedication text. All of your designations must be entered with all lowercase letters.

Once you’ve made your updates, click Save Donation Settings at the bottom of the page. The dedication settings will show on the scrolling donor lists, donation receipts, and donation reports.