Advanced Fundraising

Modified on 18 December

For the more advanced fundraising events (or the one that wants to be!), take a deep dive into Fundraising for charity-first events where fundraising is the highest priority. Highlights include:

  • - Empowering fundraisers
  • - Motivating fundraisers
  • - Fundraising Teams
  • - Fundraiser Pages
  • - Fundraiser Emails
Watch the recording of RunSignUp 301: Fundraising 4.0

As a recap and reference guide, here are the quick paths to finding some of RaceDay Photos features.

Fundraiser Setup: Basic
Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Basic Setup

Make sure you have allowed users to become fundraisers under the "Fundraising" heading on this page, or you will not see all the fundraising options.

  • - Setup Options
  • - Customize default Fundraiser message
  • - Top fundraiser display (expand "Display Settings)

Fundraising Teams: Advanced
Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Advanced Setup

  • - Setup Team Types
  • - Setup Team Roster options
  • - Add Fundraiser Questions (note: these are asked ONLY of Fundraising Captains)
  • - Team Fundraising Reports

Empower your Fundraisers
Customize Default Fundraising Message: Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Basic Setup
Customize New Fundraiser Emails: Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Basic Setup >>> Expand Display Settings

  • - Include a welcome
  • - Let them know you will be there for them along the way, and that your organization will stay in touch with fundraising tips, tricks, and ideas.
  • - Asking for money can be intimidating, especially for new fundraisers - you want to make them feel like you will be there to do some hand-holding

Send monthly emails to your fundraisers using email marketing tools; include fundraising tips, ideas, and motivational stories:

  • - Keep Fundraisers engaged
  • - Motivational stories about individuals or families who have been helped by the charity
  • - Fundraiser of the month - celebrate fundraiser success
  • - Mini Fundraising Challenges
  • - Include Top Fundraiser link in emails - link is dynamic, so it will always be updated! Link will look like this one, but with the race ID of your race:

Motivate your Fundraisers
Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Basic Setup

  • - Fundraiser Refunds
  • - Charity Bibs with waived entry fees
  • - Milestones and Badges

Fundraiser refunds are recommended over waived fees, since that process is mostly automated.

Fundraiser Page Customization

  • - Individual pages can be customized from the My Fundraisers Page in their profile
  • - Updates as an admin

Fundraiser Emails 
Dashboard >>> Donations >>> Communication >>>Fundraiser Email Templates

  • - RD can setup templates for fundraisers

Fundraisers can access the templates you setup and send emails to their past or current donors, or an imported list

  • - Fundraiser can use pre-set templates
  • - Fundraiser can import contact lists

Keep an eye on our blog for updates and new capabilities! 

Watch the recording of RunSignUp 301: Fundraising 4.0