Fundraising 4.0 - Donations

Modified on 18 December

Fundraising 4.0 is here! In the first of our two Fundraising focused webinars, we highlight the tools for integrating donations, communicating with donors, and supporting charities. Highlights include:

 - Make Donations & Fundraising a part of your Race/Walk/Ride
 - Simple donations alternatives
 - Setting donation levels
 - Communicating with donors - before and after they give
 - Supporting multiple charities
 - Low 4% processing fee
 - Options for donors to pay processing fee

Unfortunately the webinar did not record. However, we aren't leaving you hanging: Bob re-recorded the content section of the webinar for reference! You can find the recording here:

Webinar 201: Fundraising 4.0 Fundamentals

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As a recap and reference guide, here are quick paths to finding some of the Donations & Fundraising settings, and a few best practices.

Best Practice: Range of Donation Amounts - the distribution of donation amount per donor is spread across a wide range of dollar amounts. You won't get a lot of large (500+ donations), but people do make them - ASK!

Best Practice: Fundraisers - Races with Fundraising turned on collect approximately three times as much in donations as those with donations enabled, but not fundraising. Check out the 301 Fundraising Webinar on 2/15 for more details about setting up fundraisers.

Donations >> Charities >> Charity Donation Checkbox Add-On (at bottom of page)

Use this to enable a simple checkbox on the checkout page to add a fixed donation towards the charity. This is for races that want a donation option with minimal complexity or disruption to the registration process.

Donations >>> Setup >> Basic Setup
Customize your donation page. Options include:
 - Dates for donations
 - Charity Description & personalization
 - Fundraising Goal & Goal thermometer (in wheel format)
 - Donation Levels
 - Offline Payment Instructions
Best Practices:
- To encourage donations, set custom donation levels (you can even name them creatively to tie to the theme of your event). Donors can always enter a custom amount, but offering a range of levels makes everyone feel like their donation amount is needed!
- Include information to accept offline donations (mailed checks, etc) - you never want to turn away donors!

Donation Display Settings
This is at the bottom of Donations >>> Setup >>> Basic Setup
Options include:
 - Add image to top of Donation Page
 - Customize wording throughout the page
 - Edit Confirmation Emails and other similar emails

Financial >>> Pricing >>> Processing Fee Type (Under "Donation Processing Fees)

Opt to have the processing fee for the donation paid by donor, race, or half and half. 

Best Practice:
If the race is absorbing the fees, you can use the section immediately below the Donation Processing Fees ("Registration Option to Pay" to give donors an option to cover the fee instead. Around half your donors will select this option when enabled, saving the charity money!
Donations >>> Communication >>> Manage Email Settings >>> Default Email Template (second half of page)
You can manage sending to donors and fundraisers from this console. You can customize the look of this by either:
 - Customizing email template by applying the race website color themes
 - Creating a fully customized email template by uploading custom HTML and saving your template
Offline Donations
Donations >>> Manual
Allows the race or charity to tally both their offline and online donations in one place to help get that goal thermometer filled!
Donations >>> Charities
Setup one, or multiple Charities. Create a charity card on the donation page along with an image, links, and description.
Best Practice: Add a charity manager to each charity (at the bottom of each individual charity setup page)! This should be a key person in the charity that you are partnering with; once you send them an invite as a charity manager, they can edit their charity information and appearance. More important for you: they can setup their own payment account so that you can send donations directly to the charity.
More about Direct Payment to Charities: 
Donations >>> Reports >>> Donations
Summary and detailed reports for your donors and charities.
More information on Fundraising 4.0 can be found here: 

Webinar 201: Fundraising 4.0 Fundamentals