Add Multi-Person SignUp Pricing

Modified on 07 March

Add Multi-Person SignUp Pricing

The “Multi-Person SignUp Pricing” feature allows you to offer discounted pricing to groups who register on the same transaction, such as families, friends, coworkers, etcetera. This “how to” section will walk you through the setup of “Multi-Person SignUp Pricing”.

Multi-Person SignUp Pricing

As a race director, you can create "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" so that groups (ex: families or friends) can save money when registering together. To enable and edit "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing", open the "Financial" tab of your race dashboard and open up the sub-tab for "Pricing" and then select "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing".

In the "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" section, groups can be set up according to a "Date Range". To begin, click on the button for "Add Multi-Person Range".

Setup Pricing Start and End Times

Within each "Date Range", you will first need to set up a pricing window for when this particular set of multi-person signup pricing discounts will apply. Enter in the date and time when this particular set of multi-person signup pricing options will be made available for registrants, and then, enter in the date and time when this particular set of multi-person signup pricing options will no longer be available for registrants.

Group Setup

Multi-person pricing can be designated for any type of group you would like by using the "Description" field located under the "Set up the Groups" section (ex: "Family Rate", "Best Friends Discount", "Coworkers", etcetera).

Next, specify the minimum number of participants necessary for this "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" to be redeemed.If you would like to set a cap on the maximum number of participants allowed to receive this "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing", then enter that number in as well.

Note: If you leave the maximum number of participants field blank, then there will be no limit to the amount of registrants that can receive this "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" at one time.


Using the drop down menu, choose which fee type the multi-person signup pricing will be employing.The three choices are "Fixed Fee", "Overall Discount", and "Discount per Registrant".

Cart Total - Entire group will be registered at a single set price.

Overall Discount - Entire group will be discounted at this set amount.

Discount per Registrant - Each member of the group will receive this set amount as a discount.

Once you have decided which "fee type" you will be using, enter in the fee amount.


For each "Group", you can also decide whether runners registering at that discounted rate will be eligible for the "Giveaway" and/or "Membership Based Price Adjustments" . If you leave one or both of these boxes unchecked, then registrants using this "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" will have the corresponding options available during registration. If you check off one or both of these boxes, then registrants using this "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing" will have the corresponding options disabled during registration.

Note: Coupons and gift certificates can still be used with age based pricing.

Valid Events

To complete group setup, decide which event or events this multi-person signup pricing will be valid for by either using the check boxes provided or clicking on the "All Events" button.By selecting multiple events, you will allow users to take advantage of this multi-person signup pricing option even if everyone in the group is not signing up for the same event.

Note: If a registrant is signing up for an event that is not covered by the selected "Multi-Person SignUp Pricing", then they will need to register separately in order for the eligible registrants to receive the discount.

Adding/Deleting Groups

Several different group types can be listed under a single pricing window.If you would like to set up multiple "Groups" for the same "Date Range", simply click on the "Add Another Group" button, and continue to fill out the new group details in the same manner.

If you need to delete any unnecessary "Groups", then you can do so by clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner of that "Group" box.

Adding/Deleting Date Ranges

Multiple pricing windows can be set up if necessary.To create an entirely new "Date Range" for multi-person signup pricing, click on "Add Multi-Person Pricing", and repeat the process explained above.

To get rid of any unwanted "Date Ranges", click on the "X" located in the upper right hand corner of that "Date Range" box.


When you are finished creating/editing your date ranges and groups, be sure to click "Save Multi-Person SignUp Pricing", and now, if you go to the race page, you will find that "Group Pricing" has been added/updated for the specified events.


Require Multi-Person SignUp Pricing - Require that all registrants use multi-person SignUp pricing if registered event has multi-person SignUp pricing. This is useful when you require multiple registrants for the event.

Auto-Select Multi-Person SignUp Pricing - Auto-select multi-person SignUp pricing when registering multiple people. This is useful when the registrant meets the requirement for the Multi-Person Pricing but is not aware of the Multi-Person discount which is needed to selected during registration in order for the discount/price to be applied.

By default, these options are not enabled. If you would like to enable these options, check the box next to the option. Otherwise, you can ignore these options.