Transfer to Another Race

Modified on 07 August

How to Transfer to Another Race

How to Transfer Races

  • Sign In to RunSignUp account
  • Go to your Profile
  • View your events under Upcoming Events
  • Click Manage Registration next to the registration that you are editing.

  • Click Transfer to Another Race menu located on the top OR left of Race page.

  • You will be shown the details and fees (if applicable) for transferring to another Race
  • Select the appropriate Race and click Start Transfer

Important: Race transfers can only be done between races that are owned by the same person or company.  If you are trying to transfer into a race that is not related to the race you are currently in, then you will need to request a refund from the race that you are currently registered for, as is explained in “How to Request a Refund”, and register for the new race separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I not see this option?

A: This Race does not have this feature enabled for Participants or does not currently allow Participants to edit this portion of their Registration. Please contact the race directly with any further questions by using the "Contact This Race" link at the bottom of the Registration Management page.

Q: How do I transfer to another Race if I paid offline or used a Coupon?

A: If you signed up with a coupon code, or paid your registration fee in person, then you will not be eligible to transfer to another race through RunSignUp. For more information, contact the Race directly.

Q: Why is my registration not showing in my profile?

A: Don't worry! Most of the time you are registered, but your registration is just associated with a different account. Here are reasons why this happens:

  1. Your registration is associated with a sub-account of another user.
    1. Someone registered you for a race using their account, so you were created as a sub-account.
  2. Your registration was imported.
    1. A lot of races will process entries manually. You just need to claim your uploaded account as described here
  3. You used a different email address to register.
    1. You can merge accounts with different email addresses by following the guide here
  4. You did not complete your registration.
    1. First look to see if you are registered on this race's "Find a Participant" page. If you still do not see yourself and have a charge on your credit card that has posted, please contact If you do not see yourself here, and you also have no charge on your account, then you are not yet registered.
  5. You registered under a typo.
    1. If you find your registration on the race's "Find a Participant" page, but you don't see it under your account (and you have claimed ALL possible accounts as explained above), then you may have registered under a typo. Please contact