My credit card is no longer valid. How do I update my card to receive my refund?

Modified on 16 November

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change where the refund is being sent to.

If the refund has already been issued to a standard credit card, don't worry! The bank has to deliver that refund.  They will either apply the refund to the cardholder's new account, or they may apply it to the old account and send a statement showing a negative balance.

Rarely, when neither of those is an option, they will reject the refund. If the refund is rejected by the bank, we will be notified and at that point, we email the registrant and reissue the refund by check.

Note: Unfortunately, if a refund has been issued to a prepaid debit card which has been thrown away, we are not able to recover those funds. If the registrant has the card information they may be able to contact the issuing bank to ask for help.

If you did not receive a new card from the same Bank, the Bank will reject the refund and at that point, we will issue the refund by check to you. For assistance, contact