What is this charge on my card?

Modified on 22 April

If you see the following billing descriptor on your credit card statement, then you or an authorized user may have registered for an Event or donated to a Charity/Fundraiser on RunSignup:

1)  SIGNUP*(RaceName) (Location) 888-385-1360

2)  Braintree*RunSignUp or Braintree*(RaceName) or BT RUNSIGNUP

RunSignup is a service provider that processes transactions for Race/Club Directors for their Events hosted on RunSignUp. These Events are mainly for the endurance industry - Running, Cycling, Swimming, Skiing and more.

For more information on your charge, please contact finance@runsignup.com with the following information:

1)  Exact amount Charged
2)  Date of the Charge
3)  Billing Descriptor

With the given information, our team should be able to provide you more information for the transaction.